You know the time, when you are sitting and working on your computer and suddenly it starts raining heavily, along with thundering and lightning. Then the power goes off and internet stops working. You were in the middle of something important and you wanted to finish it the way you planned. But now you can do nothing, except wait. At times like those you realize that Nature is everything and you are just a very minute part of it.

Nature keeps us reminding of how small we are. We try to control so many things without knowing the fact that "control is just an illusion". We keep on planning things according to what we feel right and put in so much of effort into making those plans work out. Then out of nowhere, an unexpected stroke of nature comes and smashes all our efforts and we are left shocked and annoyed. What else can we do in situations like those. We are nothing in front of the infinitely enormous nature.

All we can do is learn from these kind of situations. We should realize that we cannot control everything. But we can enjoy and cherish the things we have. We don't have to waste our time fretting about some uncertain future plans and ignore what we have in hand now. We are capable enough to take everything as it comes. Worrying never helps with anything anyway.

Just take a look around you. The miracles of nature will amaze you and you will feel happy from within. There is magic and miracle in everything we see in nature. We just don't pay attention. Whether it's a rainfall or a snowfall or gigantic oceans or the creatures living in those oceans, everything. When you will not just look at these things, but feel them and try to understand them, then only you will be able to see the magic in them. And then you will feel 'Alive'. 

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Published by Sonia Mannotra