In the word Similarity

We find symmetry in our world, and the outer world

In places where serenity prevails…

The ocean is right in front of my eyes

How many people used it as a “trope” to tell how they felt?

How marvelous is it to catch someone with that gaze…

The same glimpse of the ocean that we all catch… Even for few seconds

I could have settled for that too

I took off my glasses, my head bent down as I was walking towards the sea

I could have settled for that too… But a whole other thought struck me

Steps on the sands

As I looked around, I saw sands

I saw its grains volatilizing with the wind

A ball hits the ground, its atoms dissociates with each hit, and drops out in different spaces

The grits that get stuck on a ball or a flip flop that people carry away with, when those atoms become irreplaceable

We resemble the sands,

When someone sits for a long time, and their place digs deeper as they sit longer

As they leave after then, it takes a while for its surface to be level again…

Some of it from a breeze move in a beautiful way, and with the wind… It flies in a frightening way… Perhaps, lead to a hurricane… Just as we do when we hear what soothes us, or when we get hurt…

We resemble the sands…

Maybe we are created out of it for a reason

And we’ll end to be those atoms…

The plant that grows in the middle of an empty place

Like the marks that are left in our hearts

The traces of wheels that remain… Those who mess with and rip us vainly…

Steady rocks, dived into the sands… Just as we do when get stone hearted

In the word similarity

We find symmetry in our world, and the outer world

Right now, I know we resemble the sands, as much as we resemble the oceans…

In places where serenity prevails

Perhaps, to nature, we’re much more related than we think… We’re more associated

Perhaps, we’re more connected…  But we just need to be mused.

– Nouf A.M Al Ameri

Published by AlAmeri Nouf