When images came fluttering in over the internet and TV Thursday after Iran "captured" ten Navy sailors and took photos of them, first on their knees with their hands behind their heads, then later sitting on Persian rugs, shoes off, eating what looked like some amazing chow and apologizing for some undisclosed reason, the Republican electorate would have had you believe the end was near.

The President failed to address the "hostages" in his State of the Union the night before and ten of our bravest young men, may have ran out of fuel or had a mechanical failure, or got turned around or whatever, but wound up in Iranian waters.

For those who may not know a lot about the Sea, finding your EXACT location is often times, not that exact at all. Still today, one of the best estimating practices used by mariners at sea is a practice called "dead reckoning" where you pretty much guess where in the great big ocean you might be. So the fact that the Navy boys, wandered into the wrong dojo, on purpose or by accident, and managed to get themselves picked up, is not a very big surprise.What is surprising is the indignancy, that was feigned by some in the Media and in the Body Politic, that just because these boys had the Stars and Bars flying from their boat, they should have been given a pass and allowed to tramp wherever they wanted.

Truly if you look at the way they were treated, they got better treatment than the US Coast Guard would have shown, if a foreign flagged vessel wandered into New York Harbor sporting a few hundred high caliber automatic weapons. Truth be told, we would not have given them the Iranian equivalent of naan and tandoori chicken and sat them on beautiful hand made rugs to have a nap. Even a US Flagged vessel boarded by the USCG gets a full inspection with or without probable cause, and if weapons are found aboard, the owners are handcuffed with wire ties and transported to a holding cell where if they are lucky they get one call to a lawyer before they are fed a pile of plastic bag-clad mystery mush and forced to sleep on a 3" foam metal frame cot. Call them what you will, but the Iranians did show a very high degree of Martha Stewart while they "interrogated" our Boys for eighteen hours before they sent them home in their own boats, with a full tank of gas.

So many were willing to start World War III and indict the US as being weak and ineffective and thereby losing the respect of our enemies. But that’s just it, Iran was trying to NOT be our enemy, and if you ask me they did a pretty good job of showing their humanity in that situation.

But they had a reason to act nice and we had a reason not to act nice. Money.

Apparently, we’ve been holding on to a big ole pile cash that belongs to Iran for the last decade or so, and they really need to pay some bills. John Kerry arranged to have that money sent back yesterday and that looked like a pretty good deal to the Iranians. So when a dozen sailors come wandering into their waters the day before that check is cut, everyone who knew what was pending messed their proverbial pants at the possibility that these boys would not be treated properly, the deal would die and Iran would not get their $2 Billion dollars back and we would have yet another Muslim Nation warming up to join Crusades II.

But it didn't happen because cooler heads prevailed and on the Sea everyone is equal. If the Navy or State Department followed the galactically stupid advice of the clown car that is the the Republican Primary stage, and started to bluster about how BIG the US is and how much better we are than everyone else, then IRAN, shoots the Navy boys and girls and dumps their boat and bodies in Iraq or Syria or just makes them disappear. Then they call up the neighbors and say, "did you hear what the US did? They were supposed to pay us the billion dollars back this week and instead sent a Naval Attache to invade our waters, armed to the teeth and backed out of the deal they promised us if we stopped building Nuclear Weapons" And Assad or whomever is running that shit show over there, turns around and says, "Glad to have you back Iran, get a gun and a video camera and lets tell everyone else what they did so they can be more motivated to hate the US more than they already do"

The fragile Peace that may have been, would have died on arrival simply because a few Navy boys ran out of gas and floated into Iran.

But to the credit of Iran, and John Kerry and the President and probably a thousand other diplomats who are not trying to rile the Duck Dynasty Crowd into the next Civil war, shut their mouths and trusted that Iran would do the right thing. And they did. And so today four hostages including a very important Washington Post journalist who has been a hot button issue on the Iran stage for a while now, are heading home to the US, and I am sure, when the US Treasury cut the check for $2 Billion and paid it to Iran, someones cell phone who is very high up got a text message from the US Bank asking them to verify some very suspect transactions on Friday.  

But the lesson to take away, is on the High Seas, and for that matter, on the world Stage, we gotta get rid of this Notion that the US is better than everyone else. We are all the same, the Ocean does not care and will send you down to see Davey Jones, just the same if you're Muslim or Catholic or Protestant. We've got something good here in the US, but they think they got something good in Iran. No one will tell a new Mom her baby is ugly, but most definitely, some babies are just UGLY. But all Moms think their baby is the most beautiful creature in the world. And you're not gonna tell them otherwise. Why do we we think it is our prerogative to tell the world we better than them and expect them to treat us better than we treat them?


Published by Christopher Richard