Saturday night I had an auction style fantasy basketball draft. I missed the first 5 nominated players as I fell asleep right before the draft started. Luckily for me one of my friends in the league called me when he noticed that I wasn't online.

It's a category league and here's the position breakdown. You can start a Point Guard, a Shooting Guard and then a Guard, a Small Forward, a Power Forward and a Forward, a Center and then a Utility position. Then we have 4 bench spots as well.

Here's how the draft went for me and how my team ended up. I'll put the positions I can use the player at in parenthesis next to the players name. I'll also include what I paid for that player.

Damian Lilliard (PG) $78 Portland Trail Blazers

Eric Bledsoe (PG/SG) $37 Phoenix Suns

Tobias Harris (SF/PF) $28 Detroit Pistons

Buddy Hield (SG) $5 New Orleans Pelicans

Alex Len (PF/C) $3 Phoenix Suns

Kris Dunn (PG) $2 Minnesota Timberwolves

Mirza Teletovic (SF/PF) $7 Milwaukee Bucks

Tim Frazier (PG) $6 New Orleans Pelicans

JaMychial Green (PF) $3 Memphis Grizzlies

Andrew Wiggins (SF/PF) $29 Minnesota Timberwolves

Kenneth Faried (PF/C) $10 Denver Nuggets 

Marcin Gortat (C) $15 Washington Wizards

That's how my team turned out. How do you think I did? Here's what some of the top guys in the league went for. Stephen Curry $100 while James Harden, Kevin Durant and Karl Anthony-Towns all went for $99. Russell Westbrook went for $97. In comparison LeBron James went for $79.

I hope you're ready for the NBA season to start. Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

Published by John Burke