The last stop for our look at the drama pilots of 2017 is NBC!

The network has given the green light to For God and Country, a show focusing on a group of military heroes.  They are also working on a show based on the fiction of Charlene Harris, much like Midnight Texas from last season, which has yet to premiere, Redliners follows a pair of former spies who get pulled back into the field while trying to keep up their normal lives.

The net also has Reverie, about a detective in a future world where an advanced virtual reality program has been launched.  Meanwhile, Good Girls follows a group of everyday women who must turn to crime in order to reclaim the power in their lives.

NBC also has Rise, formerly known as Drama High, which follows a drama teacher and his students, as well as a project about the staff at a hospital who must deal with a hurricane in the surrounding area.

The projects NBC passed on include two shows about the end of the world.  One of them would have followed an engineer building an ark to escape the planet, and the other about a cop who tries to maintain law and order as the world prepares for the end.  There was also a futuristic cop show and a show from the people behind Grimm that would have followed a group of grad students uncovering a mystery spanning back decades. 

Published by Andrew Clendening