Look at these beauties! 

You won't need to use filters! These pencils are a rich creamy matte formula that will cover any dark spots, neutralise any redness and lighten shadows to give you a completely flawless complexion.

There are 10 shades, which means there will be something here for everybody. 

Will you need to wear makeup to wear these? No. You can use these on your bare face just to perfect any small imperfections. They glide on really comfortably and they are not at all cakey or flakey in any way. 

If you visit the Bobbi Brown website, it tells you exactly how to pick the right shade for what you are trying to achieve. They are retailing for 22 GBP per pencil. But with the creamy formula that it is, you will not have to use very much product at all.

I think this would be a great investment for professional makeup artists to add to their kits and also for an individual who just wants to take perfection to the next level!

If you purchase these, you will not regret it! 

Love, Jaz!

Published by Jaz Kainth