What is a need really? And why are they so paramount?

A need is something you can’t do well without. They are the keystone for everything. From marvelous enterprises to shallow desires. They can be changed, manipulated, diversified, created, and rendered irrelevant. They are pivotal, distressing obstacles, until they are not. Without needs, everything would move into a sort of dream state, giving power to the intangibles.

Peace comes when need is removed. However, without need, most things would not come to be. In other words, without something pushing us forward, to give us the initial jump start for any task or desire at hand, we would more than likely continue on in life, never pursuing.

Needs are as functional as breath, and similarly, they are without color. They are drab, but they make things possible. Needs come in variety.

“I have need of bread,” says the beggar. “I have need of love,” says the man at the bar. “I have need of riches,” say the bourgeois. 

Yes, there are basic needs for the human to live at the height of potential and bring to life every fiber of their being. But there are also malleable needs, conditional needs, and created needs. Some needs are made sacred by their universal standing and ubiquitous nature. These are not illusion. They are real and they manifest daily.

Only you can truly know your needs in the end. Even if they are pointed out by a helpful friend.

Only you can fill your needs to possess your destiny.

Choose to acknowledge your needs, and meet them with enthusiasm knowing that they are pushing you further than you would ever go without them.


Article originally published on sherlock1815.wordpress.com

Published by Benjamin Bellah