Its has been some time since I have last had the chance to be able to beat a game, so thanks to the Christmas period I managed to get a lot of time to be able to play games. The first game I managed to beat was Neon Drive so it is time for a result.

I like to talk about the story as the first part of my review but seeing how this game doesn’t have one, I did find it a bit hard to find something to write about in this section but ill just explain how the game works out. In this game you take control of a car and try and make sure that you don’t hit anything that comes in your way. Everything comes at you at a fast pace and you have got to make sure you avoid any contact unless you want to restart the level at the start. At first it is a bit easy but as the levels progress it becomes harder and harder.

After you have completed each of the levels it gives you the option of playing the same level again but on a harder difficulty. The harder difficulty is just the same level being played a lot faster, and in my own opinion I actually think these are easier then the normal level. This is because in the normal level you have to time the press of the button to perfection but because of how fast the level is moving it is literally all about how fast you are able to press the button to move between the barriers. For me I think the game itself is great and has had a lot of time being spent being coded to make sure that the controls are easy and responsive to give the best possible experience.

The music in this game is without a doubt one of the high points, this is because the music matches perfectly with the game with how fast paced the whole thing is. The soundtrack to this game is one of the few that I was able to listen to multiple times without getting bored which is a great thing. I found myself playing better with the music on instead of not which shows how well the two fit together.

The way this game looks is amazing, even in medium quality. I played Neon Drive on both my laptop and computer, this meant that I was able to play on the highest quality possible on my computer and still get 90fps so I was able to make sure my button presses where done to absolute perfection. But as my laptop doesn’t have a great graphics it meant I had to reduce the graphical quality to make sure that I was able to play at 90+fps and even then the game still looked great and I just wanted to see more from the game.

Overall I love everything about this game, this is ranging from how it plays to the music and looks. As the game is only an hour long I don’t think it is worth the price of £6.99 but if you are able to get it on sale like I did for £1.99 then pick this game up as it will be worth your money.

Published by Aaron Morrsi