So yeah I'm back from nerd camp. One shocking revelation is the idea of me not writing on my main blog for almost a week. sure I've dropped a day or two here and there but in two years I've written a post just about every day. 

Nerd camp was super good. It was way better than I ever could have expected. It was a meeting of kids from all around the world and the most important part was that we were all so similar. Not like in an age thing, but what we liked and how we were. We could connect on things you would think were uncommon, our experience in school and being the scourge of teachers, our lives where we just fucked around and it all still kinda worked. We had big ambitions and none of us knew what we wanted to do but we wanted to do it well. 

I loved everyone there, but perhaps only in small doses. Everyone's great at first but then you start seeing chinks in the armour (i'm sure I'm the same way but you never see your own flaws).

I think this is something I do, where you get some new shit explained to you and then hit them with the "oh yeah" or the "of course" when you obviously didn't know before but you are now the messiah of knowing. There was this one kid who I fucking loved but man was way too big for his boots. We were doing this maths problem and no one could figure this shit out and he just jumps in with the "oh this looks so easy, I'm sure if I had a calculator I could do this in 5 minutes", getting handed a calculator and then not being able to solve it at all. Then in one of the group projects the guy could not take any tips from anyone, like he would literally not listen to anything anyone said.

Of course being physics camps there is the one nerd that is somewhere along that fated spectrum, he was fine most of the time but when he couldn't let a SINGLE joke past without correcting it and fact checking it you're just ready to die. 

Then there was turner who is the sweetest funniest guy but he just reminds me of raymondo, convinced he is gods gift to woman, with all the "stories" to boot, but is thirstier than a white man in the desert and seems oblivious to everything and has a penchant to say everything twice or thrice. 

I'm wary to keep going, I don't really want the private blog to turn into a shiteshow of shitechatting. 

All in all it was fucking great, had some great experiences with amazing people. Have shite to write and talk about on the personal statement now and actually enjoy physics now. 

There are tenuous plans to meet up again next year. Perhaps some music festival or even a trip to newyork and stay at this guy's house because his family probably is probably worth billions. 

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