If you don't know what Netflix is I'm really sorry for you, Netflix is the place where all your addictions combine in just one webpage. Just kidding, Netflix it's not that bad, it only opens the gates of hell and procrastination so even though you really want to do something the moment you open Netflix all your problems and pending issues go out the window.

Okay, real talk, Netflix is GREAT! 

It has it's ups and downs I must say, I'm not saying that I failed some classes because of you, but I did. 

Is Netflix really worth it? From personal experience I must say that I like it very much, it has many movies and even more T.V. series and every time it only gets better and better, new seasons come out faster and also new movies that appear on the cinema are uploaded faster than they come out on DVD's (what is a DVD?). The content has gotten better with time and the fact that Netflix is making movies only for their page is super interesting, sometimes they're a little stupid but that's what makes them funny. 

One of the features that I love the most is the fact that you can watch it anywhere and anytime, as long as you have internet (duh!), but something that would be even better is that you could be able to download movies or T.V. episodes to the app to watch them later so that you didn't need the internet. This is not a promotional article, I just really love this page and I wanted to tell you about it, sometimes people think that it's not worth it, but I love it and I think it's really worth it. I'm watching too many series right now even though I already started school and I regret nothing. 

Netflix gives me the chance to watch my favorite series whenever I want: 

  • American Horror Story (An all time favorite of mine.)
  • Orphan Black (Great series, haven't watched the last season though *sad face*.)
  • The Flash (YEEEAAAAA!!)
  • Arrow (A very sexy man in a leotard, I mean, smart man in a leotard. hehe.)
  • Modern Family (If you don't watch this one do yourself a favor and see it, from season 1 please.) 
  • The Vampire Diaries (Elena is gone but Damon and Stefan are still there.)
  • Orange Is The New Black (Great series, love it forever.) 
  • Supernatural (Obssessed.)

Most of the mentioned above I'm re-watching and I have no complaints, though it would be great if i just didn't watch anything and if you got till the end of my article I must thank you and I hope that you like it. 

If you're thinking of buying Netflix do it and try it, it's going to grow on you, I swear. 

Published by Daniela Cantu