Which tech giant has Fortune magazine noted as arguably the biggest influencer in Hollywood?


Netflix has made some incredible stats in 2015, and CEO Reed Hastings and chief content officer Ted Sarandos aren't stopping there.

Netflix has not only made waves in the tech business, the company has also made waves in pop culture. The term "Netflix and chill" has become so popular that it has even made its way into hip hop songs, text conversations, and social media statuses alike. 

Let's look at the company's stats:

  • Netflix's stock rose 134% in 2015- one of the world's fastest growing entertainment businesses
  • Netflix will spend $6 billion this year on TV and film content 
  • Netflix has outbid major studios for high-profile projects this year
  • Netflix passed the 81 million-subscriber mark in April of this year (increase of 35% from the year before)
  • Netflix spent $3 billion on programming in 2015, with a total revenue of $6.8 billion that same year
  • Netflix is now available in 190 countries
  • About 42% of Netflix's current customers are outside the U.S.


Talk about a company making history and driving its competitors insane. 



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Published by Crystal Ngumezi