One of the most underrated things people aren't doing these days is networking. Networking opens up your world to new worlds (others' worlds to be exact) and you gain opportunities or new friends and acquaintances, and possible new lovers, in the process. What people don't understand about it is that it's as simple as just talking to people. That is basically it. You can go the formal route or meet someone anywhere your normal routine pulls you towards.

I'm super serious about networking being super easy to do. These past few months I came back home, I met a gentleman that started his small-crew, cleaning services. You know where I met him? I met him while I was hosting at the local seafood restaurant I worked at. He just happened to be a security guard at the time and he revealed to me his upcoming future endeavor. Another gentleman I met is a lawyer that attended my alma matter -- UC Berkeley. He approached me as I finished one of my sets at the gym because he saw Cal written on my tank top. He and I exchanged numbers and regularly chat it up when we are in between sets or exercises. A possible job opening prospect I may hit up in the future? Who knows...

All you need to understand about networking is that you can do it most of the time. I only say most because when you're in the privacy of your own home, in your own room, you can't really meet new people there...unless you randomly add people on facebook or Linkedin of course. I've done those before and it's always a 50-50 toss up so be warned.  

Published by Bryan Agbayani