This article was first posted on the Little Fighters Cancer  Trust blog, but it is such an inspirational story that I just had to post it here as well.

Gabi Shull was a very active little girl; her favourite hobbies included dancing, reading, and hanging out with friends and her 3 sisters.

In early January 2011, 9-year-old Gabi went ice skating with friends. She fell and landed rather badly on her right knee.

After a series of x-rays, in a lot of pain and with no improvement, she was put on crutches and scheduled for an MRI.

Gabi’s MRI results showed what looked to be osteosarcoma, and this diagnosis was confirmed after a surgical biopsy.

The doctor said that Gaby’s skating accident was actually a blessing in disguise that may have saved her life because, were it not for the fall, they may not have known that there was anything wrong with her knee until it was too late

Gaby then underwent 12 weeks of aggressive chemotherapy treatments to shrink the tumour to an operable size; each treatment required a 4-5 day hospital stay along with several hospital admissions for fever and/or neutropenia.

In June 2011, Gabi underwent a radical surgery called rotationplasty. This surgery uses her healthy ankle as a replacement knee.

In this operation, Gaby’s diseased knee was removed and the foot was rotated 180 degrees then reattached to her upper leg, with her ankle serving as her knee.

Read more about Gabi's inspirational story and watch her explain the groundbreaking rotationplasty operation that she had, and then watch her dance...


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