There's a place, not part of the world we know. A place where young children run around free, with no adults to tell them what to do. A place where the laughter of these children rings out, even as the moon takes control of the sky. A place where the childish immaturity is overpowering. A place where no one wants to grow up and have legitimate responsibilities. A place where everyone just wants to live worry free. A place where every day holds a new adventure. A place where at one point, everyone wanted to visit. But not anymore.

A place where the wildlife is dangerous and the animals are hungry for human flesh. A place where you must scavenge for food and there's always a possibility that the prey will eat you before you can eat it. A place where pirates rule and the natives are dangerous and known for capturing those innocent children, because they think it's all a big game. A place that is hazardous to travel to. A place no one can get to by car or plane or bus or train.

In this place, this whole different world, women seduce others simply to drown them by using their beauty and charm to bring them close before pulling them under the surface. In this place, an evil man rules by the name of Hook and everyone is scared of him; hungry for power and control of the land, Hook stalks the land by night, thirsty for the blood of his enemy. In this place, is where the crime of the century took place, a young woman, stolen from her home, was brought here to live with a group of men and be their slave and impromptu mother. In this place, there is rivalry, jealousy, and fear, sparked among all the people.

This place makes you think that you may have visited before, but cannot remember if it was all just a dream. This place sounds like somewhere joyous, but instead hides dark and depressing secrets. This place is rumored to be where children go when they die. This place isn't thought to be real by many, but others know of its existence and know how awful it is. This place is Neverland.


Hey everyone! I wrote this piece for my Creative Writing class and performed it live. It's one of my best things I think I've ever created and I wanted to share it with all of you! Hope you enjoy it!!! 

P.S. can you tell I love Peter Pan?

-xxx, dallas 

Published by Dallas Gomez