I want my first post on this account to mean something. I want everyone to have a grasp for what I want to deliver on My Trending Stories. But that’s the issue : If you follow my posts, everything will be completely random. Some may be life updates, some short stories, some recommendations - practically anything you can think of..or should I say what I can think of. So as my first article being an intro to my account I would like to give a brief excerpt of who I am. My name is Caroline and I’m only 15 years old. I’ve hardly lived life, so what could I possibly tell the world? That’s for you and I both to find out. I moved from Chicago to Minnesota about a year ago and since then, I’m honestly not sure how I’m still alive. Everything is so different - but that article is for another time. Basically with My Trending Stories, my goal is to entertain and deliver as much positivity and happiness as I can. Pretty hard to do through literature - but then again don’t words guide our life? They give us strength, guidance, and purpose...or maybe I’m thinking too much into this. Anyways, this is a short quick post just to get my account started. I’m planning on posting every Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. Possibly more if I get organized (which will probably never happen). So, Adios Amigos - see ya tomorrow!



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