Hi guys!

Ever wondered what is so good about writing a blog? You can express your views, opinions and skills online to a community of people who may have the same views as you and that is what 'mytrendingstories' is, a community of bloggers! 

I started my own blog about 5 months ago, I wanted to do something online like YouTube but I was far to shy to do that so I thought, why not a blog? No one has to know who you are, no one can judge you and no one can see what you look like a pick an opinion on you. So that is when I started writing my first blog post! I think a blog appealed to me because I love writing and I thought I was really good at English in school but I also like expressing my views to a large audience and to get feedback to see if they feel the same...

So why should you start  a blog? Maybe the same reason as me, Too shy for YouTube, You love writing or Just because you're bored. A blog is also a great way to try new things, like writing on a large blogging website or developing your writing skills but you can also make great friends over the internet and a blog is a great way to do this also! Set up an email for people or companies to contact you on and your there (mine is arransblog.contactme@gmail.com).

I hope a lot more people start realising that blogs are amazing things and I hope a lot more people make them and start writing because not many young people like writing anymore and they are into video games e.c.t. I mean yeah I am only young and I do love playing video games and hanging out with my friends but I find writing on a blog is really relaxing and I tend to do a blog post in the morning, before I go to bed or when I have some spare time! 

I really recommend setting up one because they are really cool and they are also a great thing to put on your CV! 

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