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I hope all is well. I'm Kim from London a romance / suspense and crime fiction writer. This year I scored my first publishing contact, my debut novel will be published this September! I also will release my second novella length story at Christmas.   Both will be available on  Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Paperback versions will be in the USA only for now.

 I'm super excited to let you all know about it. Today I am also doing a cover reveal which you can see I've uploaded here for you. As an extra special treat you can also download and read the first 2 chapters of my book FREE on my author blog. 

''A Stranger in France'' is a modern day, romance/ suspense story set in London, France and the English coast. I won't spoil the surprise by giving too much away.

If you're a romance lover, a suspense seeker and love to read page turning stories then why not grab yourself a copy of the first 2 chapters for free. Just click here. You can also read some reader's reviews on my chapter preview on the same link.

If you wish to know more about me,  read some short stories I've written visit my author blog www.kimknightauthor.com under the writing prompts section.

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