What is a girl’s number one concern? And lets be honest. Boys! Boys are a constant conversation girls have amongst their friends.  I wanted to write about this because the topic came to mind as I entered the city.  A new person, a new city, what better opportunity to find someone new to hangout with. Timing couldn’t be more perfect. Throughout college I had this friend.  We will call him Bob, because I am not giving you his real name. Bob and I started hanging out over summer.  We had this flirty friendship and had sleepovers but that was the extent of it.  It was complicated because he was single, and then, well, he was not single.  Our friendship remained, but only now there were complications, obviously.  The new girlfriend hated me, to sum it all up.  I tried to distance myself but it was harder said than done. You thought things couldn’t get more complicated but you’re wrong.  I met this boy.  We will call him Dan.  Dan was a professional athlete.  He wasn’t playing in the major league, he was on a minor league team.  But still one day.  He was everything I wanted in a boy, plus he was a professional athlete! Like, what!? The situation couldn’t be more perfect. But Bob did not want things to progress.  I know what you’re thinking. “You are single.” Things between me and Dan fizzled out but not because of Bob but because he and I are not in close proximity. Long distance wasn’t working out for a starting relationship. But have no fear, a single girl in a amazing city, who knows what could happen!

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Published by Lauren Emi