My vision is so much clearer;

Scents I can smell;

Visual’s I can see;

All new senses just for me;

But there had to be a way, of getting this clear mind that I stand in today.

Is it retraining my ways of thinking?

Less of over thinking, and more of less thinking?

Was there a spell cast down upon me, so that I to could be free?

No spells casted upon me; my God I believe in is not a witch you see;

He is an almighty king that sits high above all.

He has no spells and carries no magic wand. He provides mercy that has been graced upon me;

Favor he shines on me, even when I’m underservant of he’s almighty power.

My father he is; my heavenly Father he will always be;

Sending his guardian angles just to surround me. Watching every step of my way; already having the escape key.

So when you see me smile, in the midst of a storm; or dancing in the middle of a hurricane; know that it is God my almighty king that continues to save me; And you too! Have a blessed day.

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews