I am sure this title will surprise my family and friends. For a girl who always finds some alternatives for a probable movie-plan or who follows the footsteps of her parents as they dislike movies too, this article will definitely come across as an unexpected transformation! Though I was not against movies or disliked any aspect about this piece of entertainment, I could never recognize myself as a movie-buff with great interest in its development.

   Unlike some of my friends who loved certain performers or followed latest movies with admiration, I was never able to comprehend this attitude in any manner. Though this resistance from movies did not mean complete ban from entering into theaters, it simply meant lack of enthusiastic interest or forceful partnership with friends or husband.

      Throughout school life, I managed to stay away from the world of movies. Apart from melodious songs and rhythmic dance, I found no string of connection with this silver screen. College life did push me towards movies to a certain extent. Watching fun-based cinema with my sister or friends turned into an entertaining assignment as youth phase demands such activities. But even then, movies meant nothing more than a short change in routine course of life.

 With such weak affection for movies, what led to the creation of this title? What transformation has paved way for a new found love-affair with movies?

   As the thought of this article made room in my heart, I was equally surprised too. When I entered into the field of writing, little did I know that this interest will give way towards penning of movie reviews! As I enjoyed my association with words, I was soon pulled into the domain of movie reviewing. While watching movie and documentary screeners several days before their release, I started enjoying the world of movies. Though this kind of viewing demands close attention, interest, fair judgement and analysis, I started moving closer to the real motive of movies. Besides these review movies, I have started looking out for other interesting pieces of entertainment too.

   Comedy movies with fun-filled message, hilarious conversations and unexpected turn of silly events are always close to my heart as they offer doses of entertainment. Though social movies with impact pose as messengers for progress and development, I am unable to connect with them quickly. Looking at lighter side of life with comedy genre remains my interest as fun-filled entertainment is the key to happiness.

  Though we watch movies for a short while and pounce at the first opportunity to offer our review, we must never fail to recognize the efforts that go behind the scene. Dedicated team from numerous domains pour their efforts to offer the final print over the screen. Though our eyes greet the on-screen cast alone, there are many stars behind the camera that add magic to the final cut.

  While experiencing my new-found interest towards movies, I realized the hard work and dedication in creating a story for a short while. Script, acting, presentation, location, costumes, theme, music, dialogues and some unique factor that can sets the movie apart are some of the essential ingredients for the perfect recipe called ‘movie’.

      Movies have a wide range of variety. Language, genre, age-group of audience, budget, relevance, motive divide movies into different kinds. While some movies are created with a sole commercial purpose to sell tickets and earn profit, few others are designed with a serious motive in mind. Some documentaries are created to educate and inspire, while few others to entertain and relax. It is correct to say that movies have been with us for several years now. Launch of this system of entertainment was truly one of the biggest innovations of mankind that shall never fail. What started off as a means to set pictures in motion, soon transformed into a complete industry with its share of technological progress and artistic development. 

    Truly, movies have entertained us in several ways and shall continue to do so. While I celebrate this new found love affair, do send in your comments about the same.

What does your movie relationship look like?

What role does it play in your lives? 

Published by Lavanya