Ultra Ultra released a gameplay trailer for their new game, Echo, on August 30th and I have to say, it looks really awesome. It was released through Steam Greenlight and the premise of the game is that the player character is on an abandoned planet which seems to be called "the Palace" and this palace reads the player and clones them to make enemies.


all photos found on the Echo website

This game looks very interesting on two main counts for me. The first is that the setting is sublimely beautiful which is something that always makes me want to stay in the game world longer. It's all white and ornately decorated in a baroque or rococo style which, despite my medievalist art history prof's best efforts, is one of my favorites. The space is huge and the absence of other life other than the clones only magnifies it. This setting alone is probably going to be an experience in itself.


The second element that I'm really excited about is that the enemies in the game are clones of the player that the palace has made through watching her. They only do what she does according to the trailer so if she's entirely stealth her enemies won't attack her and they can't use any moves or techniques that the palace hasn't seen her do and that the enemy is the player. Everything relies on the choices they have made. This means that the game plays the way you do which is something I haven't seen. 

This game looks beautiful, lonely, and innovative and the release date is to be announced.

Published by Allison Keairns