Lorine Niedecker wrote a series of poems during the Great Depression with the idea of 'Mother Goose' riddles in mind. Lorine's poems were called "New Goose" poems.

Haunting, crisp, and compact with meaning, we can consider the macabre underlying intentions of a 'Mother Goose' poem...

Here are a couple of my "new geese"...


Trademark Cars

Ripped leather plugged
with cigarette ashes,
Bimmer’s black box

or a hatchback from ’93,
Anon, Adonis in full bloom,
venture to bring you back to me.


Legend of Riverdale Road

Mansion mortared
with petrified bones,
phantom stones,
something charred.

Hands that shape
sap into birdlime,
fistfuls of time.
So difficult to take

old witch’s gray hair,
can’t find the path to lay
the charm (instead of sage),
can’t save from haunted air.

Published by Kristiane Weeks-Rogers