‘New hair’ is an expression that is thrown around. You may often hear it when someone is exclaiming that they are taking a trip to the hairdressers for a new style. Maybe a trim, some highlights or a totally wacky new colour like blue or bright pink.  You could argue though, that this is more of a new look than new hair. The original hair is still in place but it’s just…had a little makeover shall we say.

The reason I’m expressing this is because when I say that I am getting new hair, I mean this in the most literal sense.  If you aren’t already aware, I suffer from a condition called Alopecia, which in simpler terms means that I am bald.  However a pro of my condition is my great ability to have new hair every single day if I felt like it.

No, I don’t have some super human ability to sprout new hair from my head whenever I want (if I had this ability, I wouldn’t have alopecia). The simple answer is wigs! Long wigs,short wigs,straight wigs, curly wigs, blonde wigs, black wigs and even multi coloured.  If you can name a style, I probably have it in my wardrobe somewhere!

So when I turn to my friends and tell them ‘I’m getting  new hair tomorrow!, they know that when I walk in the room the next day they probably won’t recognise me for a few seconds, even minutes (depending on how big of a change I have decided on ). Wigs don’t stay in perfect condition for a long time, not the ones I have anyway, so when the time of year comes when I am granted new hair, I am beyond excited. Excited to have hair that feels soft and looks shiny rather than something that looks and feels like straw upon my shoulders.

The NHS provide my wigs and I get four a year. Usually I pick two in Summer and then two more in Winter.  This gives me the opportunity  to have summery styles in summer and then darker hair in the winter, although my preferred choice is blonde and almost all the time curly.


Another joy of receiving a new wig is the smell. I’ll explain… It’s like the smell of a new book or new leather shoes. When I walk in to the wig shop a familiar smell fills my nostrils. Like walking into a ballet studio and smelling the leather of ballet shoes, you walk into a wig shop and smell the familiar fibres of brand new hair.  As I don’t really wash my wigs per se, I don’t have that feeling of freshly washed, fruity smelling hair falling around me. So when I get to put on a brand new wig it allows me to, for a little while, have a blanket of soft, gorgeous smelling fibres falling over my shoulders instead of scratchy hay for hair.

The smell of new hair is actually what I notice first as I walk into the wig store. After that a wall of as many hairstyle’s and hair colours you can imagine hits me.  After greeting the ladies who have provided me with my wigs from the age of six, I take a seat in front of a large mirror and become surrounded by the new hairstyle possibilities. Then the fun begins!


Wigs are brought out of there boxes and shown to me.


If I like the look of them (which I always do) I try them on.  I usually face away from the mirror whilst the wig is being placed on my head and styled and then I swivel around on the chair to face the mirror and a new me.  This usually results in a huge smile from me as I love the wig and then I say  ‘oh wow, I really really like this one ‘ whilst looking at my mum in the mirror to see if she agrees.  This process usually happens a few times with a few different wigs till we have eliminated it down to the two I love the most and take them home.


I usually find getting used to new wigs quite hard as I become familiar to my old wigs that stay exactly in place because the wig has lost moisture in its fibres where as new hair  acts like real hair and falls around the place. After a few months, the new wigs becomes like old ones and then it is once again time to book another appointment for some new hair!

I hope this blog post has highlighted how exciting it is to get new wigs for someone with hair loss, and illustrated the process of ‘new hair’ whilst showing those with hair loss the pros of our condition (many hairstyles/ we can avoid hair washing night) and that it’s not all bad! Maybe this post has encouraged those with hair loss to try investing in some new hair? However, always keep in mind that bald is beautiful and you don’t need to disguise your true self!

Published by Emma-Rose