Well I don't even know where to begin.

First of all, I don't even know what I will be writing about so, as a start I ask to everyone reading this post, what you would like for me to write about? Music, art, design, photography, tacos shells, you name it! Leave your suggestion on the comments.

This escaleted quickly man! I started blogging because I had nothing else to do and already got an invitation to become a blogger here. The fun never stops.

My name is Guilherme Filipe and I'm Portuguese, for those not knowing where Portugal is or not knowing the existence of Portugal, its right beside Spain but its NOT Spain, please do not mix those two countries, portuguese people don't like to be called spanish or the other way around, it always ends in discussion either you're talking with a portuguese or spanish. I'm sorry in advance for ALL the mistakes I will make in the future writing in this blog. I know grammar nazis and how they cringe so please excuse me and if you're kind let me know in the comments what mistakes I had made.

I'm 25 years old and graduated in design in the year of 2012. Yes Design. All kinds. My course believed in multidisciplinary knowledge and so do I. I live in Lisbon, the capital of my country, and I started a small design studio a short ago. If you want to buy me dinner you can, I love food, we just have to meet, but don't hold the door for me I have a girlfriend. Free dinner ok, otherwise its too much. Femminazis will burn me alive.

I'm a funny guy that loves everything creative. I love street art, street food, street basketball (so much street), architecture, design, music. I like to go to the theater, cinema and my couch. I like sports but I'm not aficionado, for me I like the team that wins. My favorite sport is basketball and I played when I was young but now my back doesn't like it so much. We disagree on that part. Talking about disagreeing with my body, my ear didn't get the memo to be born so it stayed inside my mommies belly and now every time I meet new people I have to explain why my ear is late for work.

I like food, the sea, memes, computers, smartphones, and you for coming by. I carry always my mp3 with me because life without soundtrack bores me. I'm easily distracted (this post was written in 2 hours) and hard to get attention of. I'm hyper active to the point I sleepwalk but that is entertaining not really a problem. I love colors and type. Can spend a day smelling and feeling the texture of paper. Everything printed with quality amazes me and getting inside a print shop stops my heart every five minutes. I loooooove nature, walking barefoot on grass and if I see a tree in the end of the street I go there, being in the shadow of a tree in a hot spring day is my favorite place to be. I have a slight touch of TOC but I think it doesn't affect anyone. I just like my stuff in the place I designated for them. Probably everyone is that way.

My passion is learning and teaching. I dream in the future to be a professor that inspires his students and leaves them feeling that they can accomplish anything. I make design for a living and I couldn't be happier. I tried working in another profession for someone and that didn't work for me. Its really hard when you have dreams and see that working for someone accomplishing his dreams you can't pursue yours. So I quitted and now I bang my head in every wall and door looking for clients for my studio. So much happier now.

I'm not shy, I talk loud (mostly because I'm half death, my ear didn't showed up remember?), sometimes people and my friends think I'm crazy but in reality I'm mostly insane, I'm spontaneous and I can make funny noises and faces. Usually a good guy to be around (your mama would let you be my friend when we where young) and sometimes I like to be in my corner alone. No I'm not depressed its a normal thing everyone does.

And I think that’s it people. Knowing me more would take some dinners and probably a date or two. Hope you don’t want that and that you liked my introduction. Feel free to comment and or visit my first blog! Good For The Brain

Take care and see you later.

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