Ready for the reality or new marketing strategies?

We live in a world that spins around money. If the world would be only spinning around its own axle, we would probably have less problems (even with the environment). When people say they don’t do certain thing just because of the money they get from it, ask them if they would do it for free. Lately, there is a lot talked about advertising correlated to the truth. We all know that advertising’s primary job is to sell. Sell as much as possible to as much people as possible. Every country has its law about advertising and what is allowed and what is not. In some countries ads are not allowed to address children, in other’s alcohol is not allowed to be seen in ads. There are also a lot of regulations about the truth in advertising and deceiving statements. You are, for example not allowed to state obvious lie. But, you can expose most likable part of your product, even if it is only 0.1% of the whole product, as the greatest part, and at the same time not mention all of other bad parts of a whole. Well technically it’s not a lie, but it’s a deceiving, allowed one. If consumer would try to sell the same product to one of his friends, he would not expose the same parts. In fact, the one that was advertised, has so little meaning, that he would left it out when introducing it to his friend, because he would be afraid that otherwise he would be seen as a liar. Funny, we all need to be smart enough to know how to read all the advertisements, and to be critical enough to know what is right and what is wrong and especially to be able to recognise the allowed deception in the ads.

If there would be a law that would prohibit ANY deceiving, only limited assortment would be able to promote. If there would be a rule, where you could only expose parts that are over 50% of the product, can you imagine how the promotions would look like? For example, sometimes you see a fantastic trailer for new movie. Trailer is just full of fun, really entertaining and when you got to watch the movie, you can’t believe that this is the same movie as shown in the trailer. There were just 5 short scenes that were good any you already saw them in the trailer. Will Smith recently said that Hollywood just can’t sell bad movies anymore. What a joke. Now, he is sorry for his bad movies from the past, like Wild Wild West and he knows, that now all they (Hollywood) need to do is make only good movies. I mean, really good strategy Will, when is your next movie coming up, what is it called, Suicide Squad? I hope that it will be as good as the promotion is. You cannot say that Hollywood will not do any bad movies anymore, even with greatest actors, because well, it will. Just the marketing strategy needs to change or in other words it is already changing, adapting to new era.

Nowadays, there is a difference to past advertising, we have social media. And what is better than to engage viewers in filming process. Just to post some pics or even videos of the scenes year before movie would release? To show them, to entice them in what actor is doing. This is a modern advertising. Of course advertising needed to change, because the communication with audience changed, the channels changed. Now, audience can communicate with film makers. Before they could just observe, now they can have immediate opinion, and they can crush anyone.

The best advertising now is to be polite, to be truthful, to even admit previous mistakes (without any, or little, consequences, no one that gained the money in the past with deceiving, was forced to give that money back, and all did it because of the money). To say, you are more mature (of course you are, you have lot more experience than 20 years ago), and aware that once you were wrong, but now you are humble and doing everything good for others. This is amazing advertising. We all love the truth, the reality. We are all aware that untruth is being sold to us and marketing people know it too. So naturally this is something that needs to be fix, right? And we have it –  this is today’s new marketing strategy. Famous people can identify with their fans. They are just like you, humans. They make mistakes and they are sorry for them and most of all they can make great self marketing with it. Amazing :) 

Published by Jana Soleil