This is a new show on Fox. Pitch is about the first women to pitch in the Major Leagues. I feel that its more than that though. This TV show is about not having limits. It’s an old message but sometimes a new show or book will come along and really give it to you. Making you have the feels. This show will really inspire everyone too, not just women. Not only is this show good for women but also for women of color. This is a must watch show for everyone. Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunloury) is a young woman who has had to push to get everything to make it to the Major-League Baseball (MLB). But make no mistake, this girl has gone through a lot and some may say even more than a man would. I am not saying this isn't hard for a man because I think it takes everything in a person to be a professional athlete. But I feel that it will always be different for women. We have some so far in 2016 but still there will be people that feel this isn't a women's place to be with the men or that they feel they need to be different around them, and I feel that this show really shows that. Ginny really has a harder time then the other guys on the team. At first, they didn’t want her there and some let her know that.

Baseball was something that she did with her father. You find out that her father was killed by a drunk driver on the way home from a baseball game. Ginny`s father really pushed her when it came to baseball. He told it to her real. A woman will never pitch has fast as the men. So, he showed her a way she could still get to the majors. You get some flash backs to see how her father was with her and it wasn't always nice. But he did everything he could to get her where she is.

I felt that Ginny has put up walls with almost everyone. She almost feels that everyone is out to get her. She says that the boys hate her for being there or feel they need to protect her. All she wants is to be the same and she will never get that. Ginny has a hard time becoming the person everyone wants her to be. People are comparing her to Jackie Robinson. Even giving her the number 43. In the 7th episode she signs with Nike. This should be the best time of her life, although some people being so in the spot light isn't what they wanted. I think Ginny just wants to be a great ball player. In the 7th episode "Wear it" Ginny has a break down and her relationships are becoming shaky. She just started to be like from the other players on her team. I think she needs to let someone in.
She needs more people who are on her side no matter what. I think she was getting there or letting herself get close enough to the idea that Mike Lawson could be that person to her. When she finds out about Mike and her agent Amelia's relationship, I couldn't tell what she was feeling but it wasn't fine because she kept telling everyone. Mike is coming off a divorce. He is that guy that wants everyone to know he is the man. He gets what he wants. Mike puts on a good show for everyone, but he is hurting deep down. He knows his playing ball is coming to an end. He needs to find out what he is going to do next. Mike tells his ex that he still loves her. She tells him that he only wants her because he doesn't have her anymore and that he needs to fix himself then find someone to make him happy.  Mike and Amelia broke up before too much can happen between them. Mike is worried that their relationship is affecting Ginny, therefor the game is all he has.

Pitch is on Fox   9/8c on Thursdays.


Published by Abby Dean