The networks continue to buy up pitches, for pilot season.  Here are a few that have caught my eye!

First, check out this analysis of this year’s freshman shows.

Based on what that article says about Conviction and Notorious, ABC will probably be focusing on procedurals again this year.  But they do have some more unique options to choose from.  One intriguing bit of news from Spoiler TV is that the people behind the Agent Carter series have a somewhat mysterious project that is said to be based on the Disney theme park mythology.

ABC is also turning to CW mainstays Greg Berlanti and Julie Plec.  The duo is working with Quantico writer Jake Coburn on The Marquis, character soap set in an exclusive building in Manhattan.

Spoiler TV also notes that CBS has picked up a modern-day Robin Hood drama about a team that steals from rich criminals and gives to those who have been wronged by the system.

Fox has decided to get into business with Jessica Alba, though will she will be staying behind the camera for Girl 10, the story of one of ten synthetic humans in existence.  The protagonist must fend off murder charges and try to stop the AI technology from being used to make weapons.  Fox’s last AI project Artificial Human, didn’t last too long.  Personally I was turned off by that main character’s callous disregard for the life of the AI’s, besides his partner.  I know they were written to be dicks, but it still alienated me from the show.  Heck, at one point he shoots on eof them, a fellow cop, in the face and faces no real consequences.

Fox is also considering a werewolf cop drama.  Red Moon, based on the novel of the same name, exists in a world where Lycans are oppressed by humans, and one Lycan FBI agent must go undercover after a major terrorist attack. 

NBC has also bought a haunted house project, though the struggles of Fox’s The Exorcist may make it less likely that the NBS project will ever see the light of day.  The Eight is based on a short story called The House on Ashley Avenue, by Ian Rogers.  The show focuses on a small group that specializes in ensuring haunted houses, and is determined to find eight specific properties that are somehow linked together by a powerful force.

The CW has picked up a few surprising pitches.  Marlowe focuses on the real-life PI who inspired the famous Raymond Chandler character.  Samuel Marlowe is an African-American investigator in 1937 Los Angeles.  And believe it or not, the net has also snatched up Straight Outta Heaven, a “hip-hop guardian angel drama”.  Finally, there is Insatiable, the story of a lawyer turned beauty pageant coach whose new client is a bullied teenager bent on revenge.  Wait, client as in lawyer client, or client as in the teen is entering a beauty pageant?  Honestly, we’ll probably never find out the answer, as all three of these pitches seem like major long-shots to get made into pilots.

MTV is also picking up new projects, including one from a familiar creator, as Jeff Davis is set to reboot War of the Worlds.  Given that Davis is the guy who rebooted Teen Wolf, I guess this means he is doing a story about aliens on Earth, but that might be the only thing it has in common with the H.G. Wells novel.

Published by Andrew Clendening