We have a new Tarte product to review! This time is the Don’t be afraid to dazzle contour and highlight palette. We have two shades: a bronzer/contour and a champagne highlighter.

Let me start by saying the reason why I bought the palette was because of the bronzer/contour color undertone, from the pictures you can already tell it has cool undertones and not warm ones. This is very important with contour palettes because our natural shadows are grey not brown and we want to emulate that with cool tone bronzers if we use warm tones to contour we could end up having not so clean looks.

That was the first reason I bought it and of course the second reason was the highlighter, it’s a champagne color, my favorite type of highlight.

As usual with Tarte the package arrived pretty quickly however I tested the product one week after received because life… you know.

I gotta say I love both pans, the bronzer shade is soft and you can build it up it’s perfect for so many skin tones and the highlighter is wow! At first when you swatch it won’t look like much but wait until you apply it to your cheeks… Magic happens. It gives you that shine that we’re all looking for and if you build it up you can glow for days!

You need to be careful the highlighter might not work on all skin tones I see how it might be a little too white for deeper skins but if you use it on top of another highlighter just a little bit it can definitely work and give you that beautiful glow.

Overall I liked it a lot, it’s a great palette on the go, if you’re traveling or if you do your make up at work, like me, it will come very handy specially that big mirror that comes with, and let’s not even talk about the packaging… Love it! It’s so high end.

Another victory for Tarte, be ready because a lot more new products are coming and be sure we will be putting some to the test.

Great quality palette!

Published by Carolina Cerdas