Sterling Montgomery fell in love ten years ago with a young girl who had the voice of an angel. Yet, due to his father's demands, he was unable to pursue her. Since that day, she has remained in his heart. His father, a prominent minister, seeking to further his position in his church, demands he court the daughter of the elder so that he can climb the echelons of church hierarchy. Sterling, knowing that he will never love any woman like he does his angel, decides to marry any other woman but the one his father has set for him. 

Moira Wellington can never forget the boy who made her love him and then, disappeared without a trace, When a devious matchmaker blackmails her to become a proxy bride, she does so in order to protect her parents from scandal.

When Sterling meets his bride, he is happy to rediscover she is the angel from his past. Moira is shocked to discover her husband is the boy who abandoned her. 

Can this marriage by proxy blossom into a love rekindled? Or will a painful past destroy it before it has begun?


Published by Parker J Cole