Christmas may be coming, but pilot season has apparently already arrived!

Season Zero responded to the announcement of ABC ordering the political comedy Libby & Malcolm with the first pilot rumours column of the season.  This post focuses mainly on comedies, though NBC’s medical drama Salvation gets a mention.

NBC has also picked up its first pilot of the year, Spoiler TV reports.  Their choice is Good Girls, the story of normal women who find themselves in difficult circumstances, and determine to do whatever it takes to protect themselves and reclaim their lives.

But the nets aren’t finished picking up pitches for pilot consideration just yet.  Spoiler TV revealed three new projects from Working Title Television.  Fox is looking at adapting the novel The Man From Primrose Lane.  This tells the story of a true-crime author investigating a four-year old unsolved murder.

NBC is looking at a Bermuda Triangle show called, appropriately enough, Triangle.  This has been mentioned previously, but it has then credited to Ryan Murphy, but Spoiler TV says it is actually R. Christopher Murphy of Stan Against Evil who is behind the show.  Meanwhile ABC has DTLA, the story of a dancing choreographer who is training a young protégé.

Actress Elizabeth Banks is producing a couple of drama projects in contention at the networks.  ABC has the latest buddy cop concept, this one focusing on a reckless detective who must team up with a felon assigned to help at the police station.  The second show, called Feral, is placed at the CW.  It focuses on a twenty-year old woman who emerges from the woods after living alone for years, and who is at the middle of a conspiracy. 

The CW also has yet another comic book adaptation in the mix.  This time it’s Dr. Mirage, focusing on a heroine who can talk to the dead.  Another option at the network is a project that combines two of their most popular genres, the paranormal show and the dramedy.  Hellmart focuses on people who work in limbo, and help people complete the tasks they need to do in order to get to heaven.

Moving to the networks that don’t participate in pilot season, Syfy is developing The Woods, based on the comic from James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas.  It focuses on a group of high school students who are mysteriously whisked away from Earth and deposited on a distant planet.

Finally, in news that just came out today, Io9 reports that J.J. Abrams is following the success of Westworld by producing another show for HBO.  This one, title Glare, while focus on the colonization of space, though no other details are known at the time.

Published by Andrew Clendening