Fox is going full-steam ahead on a Firefly-esque series from Seth MacFarlene.  Orville is a 13 episode comedic drama following the adventures of a less than state of the art ship 300 years in the future.  Deadline reported that MacFarlene and Adrianne Palicki will play the divorced duo who also happen to be the Captain and First Officer of the Orville.  Scott Grimes, a long-time voice actor for MacFarlene will also star in the project.  SpoilerTV reported that Peter Macon and J Lee have also been cast as crew members on the ship.

The CW has picked up a project called Blowback, a thriller about a young man who is left reeling when his wife disappears and a dead body turns up in his hotel room, according to SpoilerTV.  It could end up as a limited series.

Deadline revealed that The CW has also picked up a new project from Rob Thomas.  The creator of Veronica Mars and iZombie has pitched a television adaptation of the movie The Lost Boys, the ambitious project calls for the show to span seventy years, split into seven seasons, offering an in-depth look at being immortal.  It’s surely an intriguing concept, but if the plan is to find a show that The Vampire Diaries audience will flock too after that series comes to an end, a better option might be to adapt the Vampire Academy novels into a series.

That’s not the only reboot getting a look from the networks for the next fall season.  Variety reports that Steven Bochco is working on a new version of his own show, L.A. Law.  The original L.A. Law ran on NBA from 1986 to 1994, but the new version is being developed for the Fox network.

The broadcast networks aren’t the only ones looking for new scripted content.  Variety reports that Lifetime has picked up A Midsummer’s Nightmare, a Shakespeare anthology series.  The first season would be a dark take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, telling the story of four lovers who are preyed upon by malevolent forces in the woods.  So if they move on to a different Shakespeare play in the second season, will they change the title of the show too?

Finally, Io9 reports that Freeform has picked up an alternate-history series called Motherland.  The twist here is that witches are an accepted part of this world, and they have agreed to work for the US military.  It seems safe to say that this show will be crazy awesome, though it remains to be seen if it will be crazy-awesome or just crazy.

Published by Andrew Clendening