Now that we are right in the midst of the wedding season, we find ourselves constantly looking for different designs to make us look unique in a crowd of people. After all, weddings are the perfect occasions where one can show off their unique and beautiful collections, whether it is clothes or jewellery.

When it comes to jewellery showrooms in Delhi and other big cities, it is interesting to explore their new collections as they are always at par with the recent trends and the most fashionable designs. In fact, many jewellery designers, the likes of Hazoorilal Legacy, keep adapting to the changing popular colour, structure and composition in the jewellery industry.

In case you haven’t found time to go through their websites for the latest collection, we are making things easier for you by demonstrating the best ones here:            

1. Layered paradise

Layers are in vogue nowadays, and it is not a surprise to see them featuring in Hazoorilal Legacy’s latest designs. This exquisite three-layered necklace is studded with uncut diamonds and is adorned with south sea pearls. It also include pastel shades of pink and off-white enamel which have floral motifs. These pastel colours and subtle designs add to the sophistication of this piece, thus making it perfect for all types of events, especially the grand ones.

2. Choker love

Ever since chokers have once again come in fashion, there has been a huge increase in their designing and sale in the jewellery market. Chokers, when combined with traditional structure and poise, can make for extraordinary pieces. This uncut bridal choker is a remarkable sight. Replete with deep blue and rose pink coloured enameling, the pearl drops only add to its grandeur. Perfect for weddings, this can complete the look with its regality and uniqueness.    


3. Pastel delight

This wedding season, many pastel hues were exhibited with immense enthusiasm. Even the brides of this year embraced pastel-coloured outfits and jewellery. This was not only a burst of freshness, but also allowed day weddings to look more beautiful and serene. On those lines of pastel fervour, Hazoorilal Legacy has designed this necklace with rose-shaped corals and coral beads set in the famous Jadau craftsmanship. Uncut diamonds with off-white coloured enameling has been used to add to the delicate nature of this beauty. It will go beautifully with pastel-hued outfits, especially in day events where there are pastels all around.

4. Traditional love

One of my personal favourites, this necklace is the perfect combination of grace, regality and magnificence. The uncut diamonds studded on this necklace is enhanced with pastel turquoise colour enameling. The amalgamation is then studded with pearls and coloured stones, thus making it complete jewellery in itself. It is true that this alone can suffice. No other item of adornment needs to accompany this wonder.           

5. Vintage all the way

In an era when the influence of vintage jewellery is ever increasing, it is not surprising that there is a piece devoted solely to that trend. This turquoise-coloured enameled ear studs are encrusted with uncut diamonds and demonstrate an intricate craftsmanship. As ear studs can literally go with anything and any event, this pair can be worn with a fancy gown or a formal outfit. It can also be worn in contrast with a super casual ensemble, to result in a quirky yet classy look. The best part about these earrings is that they are bright without being bling and have a hint of royalty to it, especially because of the intricate design around the enamel at the center.   



Published by Sumity Paul