Welcome to my first post on my trendingstories! This post will is an exclusive to this site and will be published days before it is available on my blog at http://ohdearydiaries.wordpress.com .

2017 will be my year, its the year I break free from routine and become the person that I want to be. I am aware that this is what everyone says at the end of each year,I do it too and yet here I am, feeling the exact same way I felt this time last year. The only good thing to come out of 2016 for me is my blog. I've been creating and developing that since March and I love it, its like my little baby.

This coming year I have the opportunity to do something really great with my life. I'll be sitting my last exams in the summer and finishing sixth form. That means that I'll have an extra long summer to do everything that I could possibly imagine before I go to University. University means a fresh start in a new city, which is extremely exciting seen as I've been stuck in the same city for my entire life and although I love it here in Newcastle, I've not set my life up very well here and now I can't escape it. I also turn 18 this year and move out of my family home, that gives me insane freedom that I've not had before which will be scary but I am prepared to make the most of it, and document each step of the way on my blog and on this website.

I am so grateful that mytrendingstories reached out to me and invited me to write on here, its teaching me new tricks to develop all of my social media platforms which I am very much enjoying learning how to do seen as I am not a professional and have had to teach myself all the tricks of the trade.

In 2017 I will be putting myself of a diet which will give me energy, cutting out the junk and replacing it with foods that will fuel my body and energise my days. I will be increasing my water intake and also trying various protein and vitamin supplements as I am a vegetarian and have struggled to keep my body healthy on this diet. I will be trying and sharing with you new recipies that I will be learning, I'll need them as I'm moving out soon!

Exercise will be a part of my routine more often as I am super unfit. I used to be a dancer so I never really needed further exercise but since stopping that I've seen drastic body changes and now I am the most unfit person you can imagine.

I also want to be more social which sounds a bit pathetic but these past few years I've seen lots of great friendships come and then go again, leaving me lonely and confused. As I'm a very shy person I want to talk to more people and make new friendships as I feel that this may bring me out of my shell and make me a happier person in general, its not nice staying silent and to yourself all day.

I want to pass my drivers test early this year, definitely at least take a practical test by early March, this way in the summer I can travel more and not have to take public transport everywhere. I want to save up my money and start from now to build up a good wardrobe for myself in preparation for uni. I've been wearing the same clothes for years and its because I'm really not comfortable with my body and shopping for my body. Hopefully with the dieting and exercise I'll become a more confident person and be able to shop for decent clothes and accessories. 

I'd like to improve my makeup and hair skills this year, I love makeup especially and would love to be more experimental with it, trying new looks and maybe doing tutorials if they turn out okay? I want to do something drastic with my hair also, maybe cut it different or dye it a different colour, I'm so bored of being the same.

I'm going to take more pictures this year, more videos and create new memories that I can share with my audience online and also keep for myself in the future. This is something I tried in 2016 and had lots of fun doing. With better technology this year I can do this again with more quality.

These are my resolutions for 2017, and I'm more than determined to complete them, I won't let myself have another year like this one for the good of my mental health. I hope you can join me on my journey, we can do it together! If you have any new years resolutions feel free to comment them, because I'm nosey and like to see what other people want to change in the new years, thanks for reading.

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