Hello everyone and Happy Belated New Year!

Apologies, I haven't blogged much. I know... I am a terrible person with no organisation what so ever! So here I am, starting the new year with new resolutions. I never really follow these resolutions as I tend to go off track (guilty) but I do like to make them, to start my new year with a bang! So, here are my new resolutions!

1. Try to be healthy

I tend to eat a lot of unhealthy food especially a spoonful of Nutella (don't judge me... it's good and gooey at the same time). And, I am paying for my gym membership every month but I haven't been for ages. So, to this awful behaviour, I say, LET'S CHANGE! I'm going to try (emphasis on the 'try') and go to the gym twice or three times a week so that my money does not go to waste. Also, I can't exactly promise on the healthy food because they tend to be expensive but still an emphasis on the 'try'. 

2. Try not to procrastinate

I'm going, to be honest...I am so guilty of doing this! I can't help it! I try to do my work and write everything on what I am going to do each day but my laptop keeps calling my name and telling me to watch YouTube or Netflix... So, to stop this awful habit, I am going to do 20 mins of work and 5 mins of break (trying not to go on my phone because if I do, I cannot return). Hopefully, I will not procrastinate but I already have during the holidays.... I am not starting off with a great year but the holidays was in 2016 and it's 2017 so it totally counts as starting fresh and trying not to procrastinate... (That was a lot of words...)

3. Appreciate the things and people around me

Let's get real here. We have food, clothes, a family, a roof to live in and all these amazing, simple things yet we don't appreciate these things and want something more whether it's a new phone or new car. I am so guilty of these things because I have all of this yet I always want more. So, from the new year, I am going to start appreciating the things around me and the people around me. For example, I am thankful for having food on my plate and having a family who love me and my weirdness. I am thankful that I get the opportunity to go to university and complete my education while having family support. All of these simple things is what I should be appreciating in 2017. (Wow...I know... I can be deep sometimes)

4. Not to be angry

Yes, I know... A girl like me getting angry all the time...yes it happens! I have been this angry person in 2016 but its time to drop that anger and start 2017 in a happy mood. I am not gonna be angry like I used to be in 2016 and try to be happy. If I do break this and be angry, I am going to take some long deep breath or go over to the corner and calm myself down before I snap at anyone. 

So, these are my resolution and I am going to try my best to follow them. If anyone who is reading this, hope you will excuse my poor English and share what your New Year Resolutions are. 



Published by Bipana Thapa