Hi everyone and welcome back if you have seen my posts before!


Today I am currently sick and feeling really moody and under the weather but I have a post for you all once again!


I am going to share with you my five New Year 2017  resolutions. 


1.  To be more active on YouTube.  - reasons being is whenever I am upset or stressed or feeling horribly down and not good enough I attend to distance myself from YouTube and make myself neglect videos and things I would like to film so this year I need to get more active!


2. To be healthy. - I am always sick one way or another and it becomes very frustrating, I have got to get my health much more organised even if it means eating more rabbit food, I am tired of being miserable and unmotivated once sickness strikes and I also want to tag in that with regards to beauty I need to do a better job!


3. Find a singing teacher - here I have no shame or secret that I love to sing even when it's in the bathroom on my own and it does annoy my neighbours at times, but ever since I got negative feedback about my tonal range I have been put off finding a singing teacher to improve and help me find more of a tonal range. I want to furfill this hobby and get back into the motivation.


4. No more dairy! - this is going to be one of them ones jag are going to make me fail quite a bit. I have a huge sweet tooth and I can eat millions of chocolate but this also plays in with my IBS and makes me sick and then makes me miserable, hence why I mentioned getting healthier above.


5. To reduce stress and negativity, - last but not the least. There is not a single doubt that I find it hard to take people's blunt honesty criticism and or nmget over worked and stressed to the point it makes me really doubt my work including writing for here, I hope that I can restore some happiness and confidence to how I felt when I came back from Hobbie Stuart's gig in November.


So sorry it's been ages since I posted on here and Yotube. Feel free to follow me on social media and my YouTube channel etc. 


Will be back very very soon with a review on Paul Manners from Britain a got talent's new single I adore.

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