After 3,000 hate messages; a New York pharmacy that imposed a man only 7% tax is facing the backlash. After realizing women are taxed 7% more for basic needs such as feminine hygiene products, owners of the pharmacy instilled the man only tax of the same number. It soon resulted in angry emails. It seemed like a good rebuttal: show men what women have to go through for basic necessities. But sometimes fighting fire with fire results in no outcome. So what should be done?The privileged majority are not getting the point in this case. So there needs to be a way to show then how they're privileged without turning them into cry babys. So how can that be done. Maybe more states should eliminate the feminine hygiene tax. Meaning the masses should be attempting to get petitions on such a thing. Meaning making a statement that makes people who do not matter angry does nothing. But in the mean time, all the minority can do is make a statement. One that makes people angry. Ones that catches headlines. Fire with fire is effective. Even if it is not effective in the way it should be. It will still spark an idea that will lead to more ideas that will lead to a change.

Published by Chelsea Hinkofer