A car honking right next to me wakes me up from my dreaming mind and brings me back to a busy street in New York. Window on the passenger side rolls down and I see a familiar face.

"Need a ride?"

"Sure." I climb into his rusty BMW that's probably as old as I am, but for some reason, he refuses to get a new car.

"You live in a fucking mansion in LA, date models, have millions of dollars on your bank account and refuse to get yourself a new car?!"

"It's a part of me! Reminds me of where I came from. It keeps me grounded. And I don't date models!"


The radio is playing very silently and the sun brightens my features every time we cross a street.

"You look..."

"Like I'm doing a walk of shame? It's because I am." I know how I look. Like a mess. That got drunk last night. And then fucked in the bathroom of a club. And then again at some random dude's place. Twice.

"I was going to say that you look like you haven't had coffee yet."

"I haven't."

"Want one?"

I smile and close my eyes. We're driving towards the sunrise now. "Coffee sounds nice."

He's staying at a penthouse that he littered with sketches, songs and random crap. It feels a bit more like him. The view from the balcony is outstanding.

"Thank you," I whisper as he places a cup of coffee in my hands. Black with one sugar, and somehow this satisfies me more than last night.

"How come you didn't stay for coffee?"


"You always stay for coffee the next morning. What happened?"

Oh yeah. I do stay for 'the awkward coffee experience'. "He didn't strike me as a guy that would even offer me coffee."

He laughs. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Well he looked like the type of guy that would immediately kick me out of his apartment because his girlfriend was coming over in like ten minutes."

"Oh. It's a shame. I think that having coffee with you is quite pleasurable."

I smile to myself. He never drinks coffee. "Enjoy it while it lasts."

Published by Evelyn