another week, another blog post. This week I went to cambridge university, met some kids from london and had a great time - so yeah it's affirmed that I want to go to Cambridge but goddamn will I need to work for it like a motherfucker - I do sometimes forget I still have a year until it all and a few months to prepare rather than the weeks I seem to think I have. 

Lets talk about the carphone anxiety and how close I am to fucking up. Usually I'm pretty good, when I'm actually selling I sell, it's just some weird bits that fuck me up. 

For example insurance, maybe I'm scared of rejection but this compulsory module that we have I just kinda omit every now and again, this is technically illegal which is kinda worrying. And then yesterday I traded a phone in as working - well it was. The only thing was I threw it into the tradein box, cracked the screen and lost 70 of value in that one throw. 

So back to the university thing, I'm not sure about it all, I fucking loved cambridge, but kinda want to do a gap year and kill it in the city for a year, flex on the kids and then with a little money go kill it. 

One thing is pushing myself, I've forgotten how key it is to just say to yourself every now and then "shut the fuck up and do this" it's something I need to develop again and quickish because I have an interview for this sick gap year thing and need to get something set up that will help me for ages which yeah, need to knuckle down and get it. Ending here because got a lovely little list of things I need to do by the end of tonight. 

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