As a busy mom of two boys, my schedule constantly changes. Now, with back to school around the corner(one week exactly), I need to get well-organized. I recently purchased a Happy Planner and I constantly keep buying new stickers. I'm having so much fun planning and decorating it, it's a new obsession of mine. I'm so old school when it comes to planning and organizing, I use a good ole pen and paper. My oldest is starting third grade, and hopefully joining a sport this year for the first time. I'm so excited for him! Yet, I can't believe how fast he's growing up. My little one is about to turn two years old, so I'm in the process of planning his birthday party. I enjoy doing little projects, which means I will be DIY'ing some decorations and party favors. As you can see, my planner will be put to good use with all that is coming up. I'd love to hear how you get ready for back to school, or simply stay organized in your every day life. Thanks for reading. 

XoXo, Adriana

Published by Adriana Jaramillo