If you haven't heard, the NBA started their free agency period July 1st. Players can come to a verbal agreement but can't actually sign the contract until July 10th. In the recent Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the NBA, the players will receive more money due to the TV deal that's been included in the agreement. 

With that being said, we have seen mind-blowing deals. Even last year, there were a couple of contracts that average players received that was on level of all-star caliber players (Khris Middleton; 5 yrs, 70 mil and Reggie Jackson; 5 yrs, 80 mil). They are decent players but neither one of them has become an NBA all-star. 

Here are some contracts that has been handed out to players who are not NBA all-stars:

Evan Turner: 4 yrs, 70 mil with Portland

Kent Bazemore: 4 yrs, 70 mil with Atlanta

Chandler Parsons: 4 yrs, 94 mil with Memphis

Nicolas Batum: 5 yrs, 120 mil with Charlotte

Timofey Mozgov who hasn't played at all during last season, signed with the Los Angeles Lakers for 4 yrs, 64 mil. This picture from Bleacher Report breaks down his production.

Mike Conley, who is very underrated, became the highest paying player in NBA history (for now) resigned with the Memphis Grizzlies for 5 yrs, 153 mil.

He's making more than Can Newton, Tom Brady, and Russell Wilson combined.

This time next year, the contracts are going to be bigger. 

The NFL should be follow suit to a certain degree and pay up. I know people will sy that "the NBA has 15 players per team to 54 of the NFL" or "the NFL season is only 16 games". The NFL is known as the "billion dollar industry". The NFL is relevant all year round and makes ton more money than the other major sports. Check out some of the NFL players reactions to the contracts:

 I can understand the concept of not wanting to pay the players more because of the high risk of injury, but at the same time that's the reason why you should pay them. We are hearing more and more health issues with current and retired players. The NFL has the money to pay the players

Published by Jamar Goodman