The quarterback situation with the Dallas Cowboys is going to be a monumental decision. What are they going to do if Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott lead them to a victory today?

Week 10:

Cleveland 12 @ Baltimore 30: I'm afraid that Hue Jackson will be someone's offensive coordinator next season and he should get ready for the round of interviews during the postseason.

Green Bay 20 @ Tennessee 23: I don't trust the Packers anywhere. The defense hasn't been good for years and the offense is unbalanced and inconsistent.

Minnesota 13 @ Washington 17: Changing offensive coordinators during the season isn't a positive move, especially when the team was playing well pre-resignation.

Chicago 13 @ Tampa Bay 20: Lesser of two evils here.

Kansas City 23 @ Carolina 26: Carolina?

Atlanta 27 @ Philadelphia 21: Falcons.

Los Angeles 13 @ NY Jets 16: The team where I live versus the team where my heart will always remain. Get 'em Jets! Traffic should be lighter tomorrow. (That's a lie.)

Denver 24 @ New Orleans 26: The Broncos are going to defend but how many points do they need to support Trevor Siemian? Two interception returns and a fumble recovery? Siemian looked good earlier in the year and now it's becoming clear why he was a late-round selection.

Houston 16 @ Jacksonville 13: The. Jaguars. Are. Bad.

Miami 17 @ San Diego 30: The Chargers are going to gag this one away, I think. Kudos to the local community for turning down the stadium deal that would've granted the Chargers' organization a shiny new stadium built with hundreds of millions of dollars. There is no reason why the NFL and whichever team wants a new building can't come together and fund it on their own. A stadium's impact on the local economy isn't some economic boom and it's dead weight over time - or immediately - when you do a little homework on the matter. Public funding for a completely private building whose owners keep all the profit without sharing it with the same community that they would gladly fleece is nauseating.

Dallas 23 @ Pittsburgh 24: The Steelers' front office may take a look across the field and ponder when it might be time to draft a young quarterback. Ben Roethlisberger is going to play for at least three more seasons. Two years from now may be the time to think about the future - as in searching for his successor. I don't think his knee is healed. He had no touch on this throws last week and you generate power with your legs as much as your arms and he looked tired and rusty.

San Francisco 17 @ Arizona 24: Cardinals?

Seattle 34 @ New England 27: Seahawks.

Cincinnati 20 @ NY Giants 23: After UFC 205 will Odell Beckham Jr. be ready to play this game? He didn't seem too happy after last night's main event ended.

Last Week: 10-3
Season: 77-56

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