I saw the play that Luke Kuechly was injured on. It wasn't a massive collision; it was rather mundane. It was a tackle he's made thousands of times...and it put him on a cart. He cried and there was this forlorn feeling that was on the field and crept through my television. A concussion put him on the sidelines for a quarter of the season last year and I'm sure those tears where from fear; the unknown.

Reports of the death of the NFL is overblown BUT there's a future that isn't as rosy as it probably was five years ago. However said future will still have trucks of cash everywhere as the appetite for the sport - especially in America - is hard to completely extinguish. There's only so much that can be legislated out of the game and it's going to have to undergo some drastic alterations or mothers across the nation will pull their sons from putting on pads in their formative years.

Week 11:

New Orleans 31 @ Carolina 33: Do I even have to make a choice here? One team doesn't defend while both teams ask their quarterbacks to carry too heavy of a load.

Pittsburgh 23 @ Cleveland 21: It wouldn't be much of a surprise if the Brownies found a way to win. The Steelers are listless, inconsistent and are taking shots at one another in the media. (Because, you know, that always screams cohesion.)

Baltimore 16 @ Dallas 26: The Cowboys are going to fail at some point. They're going to drop a game or two and the media will begin to make a stink about Tony Romo...and it won't matter to anyone inside the Cowboys' organization. The Ravens have put the ball in the hands of Joe Flacco - and he can't do it all on his own.

Jacksonville 16 @ Detroit 23: Lions.

Tennessee 27 @ Indianapolis 30: I gave this game a great deal of thought. I was correct last week by picking the Titans over the Packers because I see all the holes that Green Bay's having trouble filling. The Colts are a mediocre defensive unit but their counterparts are no different. I favor Andrew Luck at home but I also like Marcus Mariota in that dome...I do.

Buffalo 17 @ Cincinnati 20: Bengals.

Tampa Bay 21 @ Kansas City 30: Chiefs.

Chicago 21 @ NY Giants 23: Hey New York, is this the moment where you get sucked in by the G-men? Eli Manning and the rest of the team are looking pretty frisky as the weather's turning and the playoffs around the corner. They're spewing water from every part of the ship...and yet they keep on collecting wins.

Arizona 26 @ Minnesota 20: The Cardinals should win this one comfortably but they don't know if they want to compete this year or phone in another performance versus a team they should be able to put away.

Miami 16 @ Los Angeles 15: Jeff Fisher, super coach, has turned to Jared Goff in the hopes he can put a charge into the team offensively. Anything is possible, I guess.

New England 34 @ San Francisco 27: I would pick the 49ers if I felt they could generate any pass rush against the Patriots. The Pats can be had!

Philadelphia 20 @ Seattle 34: Seahawks.

Green Bay 27 @ Washington 21: Packers?

Houston 20 @ Oakland 26: Everyone is viewing the Raiders like the bowl of soup that you really want to taste but the steam makes you reconsider. Are they really this good?

Last Week: 8-6
Season: 85-62

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