I won't ever applaud the Thursday schedule of games but on Thanksgiving they serve a bigger purpose: It's a distraction to keep family members from having to talk about life. I bet there were some conversations as thick as stuffing around the dinner table that the NFL probably helped smooth over or walk away from altogether, especially after an election most didn't think was possible. I wasn't in that camp. Let's get on to the games in a season that's been such a blur for me.

Week 12:

Minnesota 12 @ Detroit 20: I do not think the Lions are a good team but the Packers are leaking from everywhere on the field, and outside of the lockers if you have your ears tuned in to the noise surrounding the team, while the Bears are...well, the Bears. Matt Stafford should be able to lead his team to another come behind victory - or an outright route. No? I actually think the game won't be decided until late in regulation when most of the players will be thinking of their loved ones - and all the food.

Washington 23 @ Dallas 24: I'll take the 'Boys to keep it rolling. Now they have to drop a game somewhere and Dak Prescott has to throw up a stinker of a game in the next few weeks, right? Listen, the last thing a supporter of America's Team wants is for that bad performance to take place when a loss equates to a long vacation. Get it out-of-the-way soon, Mr. Prescott.

Pittsburgh 34 @ Indianapolis 20: Andrew Luck won't take the field so this choice is like extra cake. "Yes, please!"

Tennessee 20 @ Chicago 7: Titans.

Jacksonville 19 @ Buffalo 23: I truly think the Bills are going to lose this game but I cannot type "Jaguars" when I haven't had any alcohol, cocaine or excess turkey in my system.

Cincinnati 18 @ Baltimore 29: The Bengals are limping into this one and the Ravens have enough to beat a depleted foe.

Arizona 27 @ Atlanta 35: The Cardinals shall not cause me to stub my toes against the corner of the cabinet again. I will not stand for it!

NY Giants 24 @ Cleveland 14: Sadly, this game will air...somewhere. If I was close enough to advise Hue Jackson I would ask that he get in touch with the agent that represents Jeff Fisher.

Los Angeles 12 @ New Orleans 26: The Rams' are a stellar defense but the lack of scoring, offensively, will find them trying to catch up when they don't have the quarterback ready to take advantage of their skill players. They do have Jeff Fisher as a coach though...still. Still?

San Francisco 20 @ Miami 17: Throwing feces at the wall on this one.

San Diego 27 @ Houston 20: I bet the home fans want to chuck feces at their quarterback.

Seattle 38 @ Tampa Bay 17: I don't know what's going on with Jimmy Graham but I LOVE it! When you acquire a weapon of his caliber - and he's healthy - you automatically shift your offense around him and NOT the other way around.

Carolina 16 @ Oakland 19: I guess this means I think the Raiders are legit. For this year, at least, why not?

New England 24 @ NY Jets 17: The Patriots' record is a mask to me. They're a flawed team who can be beat but not by the J-E-T-S.

Kansas City 16 @ Denver 23: The defending champions have survived inconsistent play under center all year but their defense will show up in a NFC West game that has real playoff stakes.

Green Bay 23 @ Philadelphia 33: The Eagles' offense is missing a deep threat and it's been obvious in the last handful of games where Carson Wentz has had to depend on below average pass catchers. They need someone with the skills and speed like DeSean Jackson...oh wait....

The Eagles can easily access another level of their abilities once they address the wide receiving unit.

Last Week: 9-5
Season: 94-67

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