Are the playoffs really a few weeks away? Where has this season gone already?

Week 14:

Oakland 20 @ Kansas City 24: The Raiders' season hits a small obstacle but they'll be just fine.

Pittsburgh 30 @ Buffalo 16: I have no idea which version of the Steelers will take the field but it's the last quarter of the season and I expect them to pull away late.

Denver 20 @ Tennessee 18: The Broncos' secondary should be able to do enough to secure a victory but it will be a chore to slow down Marcus Mariota.

Washington 23 @ Philadelphia 17: Exciting offense aside, Washington is too inconsistent to count on but they're playing a defense that isn't great and an offense that's struggling to move the ball downfield.

Arizona 23 @ Miami 26: Objectively, who's really the underdog in this game?

San Diego 26 @ Carolina 27: Ron Rivera should reach out to Norv Turner to help his team's offense thrive.

Cincinnati 30 @ Cleveland 13: Bengals.

Chicago 13 @ Detroit 24: Lions?

Houston 26 @ Indianapolis 31: Colts.

Minnesota 18 @ Jacksonville 12: Someone has to win this game and the Vikings are - at the very least - a franchise that does now what it's like to earn victories.

NY Jets 16 @ San Francisco 17: All the elite college quarterbacks getting ready to enter the draft should pay close attention to this lovely contest.

New Orleans 20 @ Tampa Bay 23: I don't really feel that the Buccaneers are going to win but it's hard to give the Saints any chance to defend adequately enough to secure a victory.

Atlanta 40 @ St. Louis 13: Is the city of Los Angeles aware that the Rams are playing in the area again? Jeff Fisher got a contract extension, officially. 

Seattle 35 @ Green Bay 31: I would easily pick the Packers but I don't think they're a good I won't.

Dallas 17 @ NY Giants 19: Ok, 'Boys...take your loss right here. The Cowboys should have enough to win but it's a rival, on the road, and the Giants are doing that weird thing again...

Baltimore 21 @ New England 23: No matter the players that comprise the Ravens' roster, when the Patriots see them on the calendar they pay close attention. Joe Flacco is a better quarterback as the weather changes and the Patriots are limping along on offense while fielding a defense that surrenders plays.

Last Week: 10-5
Season: 116-76


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