So the Dallas Cowboys take a loss to a rival in the New York Giants, gut out two wins prior to that and now Dak Prescott is the problem? Now he's a flawed quarterback that's only a bad half away from being replaced by Tony Romo? Now he's a shell of the player he was and got exposed last week? What about the 11-2 record? What about the ten weeks of tape where he made the front office staple him to the top of the depth chart?

How casually we forget...

Week 15:

Los Angeles 9 @ Seattle 19: Seahawks.

Miami 15 @ NY Jets 13: This should be closer than most imagine and with Ryan Tannehill on the shelf I wanted to go with the Jets but, well, they are the Jets.

Green Bay 26 @ Chicago 13: Let's roll with the Packers here while considering that their defense tends to let the opposition hang around for two quarters too long.

Jacksonville 23 @ Houston 27: I'd rather take a bite out of a sandwich that someone took a fart on than think too hard about this game.

Cleveland 15 @ Buffalo 23: Will Rex Ryan and Jeff Fisher find themselves on the same studio show next fall? Ryan shouldn't be fired when the best ANY TEAM can do in the AFC East is play for second place and hope for a road playoff game.

Why does EVERYONE overlook that obvious fact?

Philadelphia 15 @ Baltimore 20: I'm baffled that the Eagles chose not to select Michael Floyd when every receiver on their roster needs to be slotted about two slots down the depth chart. The Ravens could very well fall asleep during the game and rally, late, but I don't think they'll have to.

Tennessee 24 @ Kansas City 25: I want to take the Titans because Marcus Mariota is one of my favorite players from his days in those slick Oregon uniforms...but it's in Arrowhead. The Chiefs compete every week but when they host, they are a different team.

Detroit 30 @ NY Giants 33: Everyone needs to pay close attention to the Giants; this looks eerily familiar to something we've seen in the past. They're going without much fanfare or media spotlight, they're winning games that they probably shouldn't - and they're playing well as the playoffs inch closer. Something is....

Indianapolis 20 @ Minnesota 17: Colts? Is Adrian Peterson going to start this game? Is this Madden 17?

Pittsburgh 21 @ Cincinnati 17: If Andy Dalton had his full offensive unit on the field, I'd pick this game to be a shootout but that's not the case here. I'm going chalk here and taking the Steelers in a game they need to win.

New Orleans 30 @ Arizona 29: Someone has to win and I trust Drew Brees more than I do Carson Palmer.

San Francisco 17 @ Atlanta 31: Just think, it wasn't that long ago that Colin Kaepernick tore the Falcons to pieces in a playoff masterpiece for the 49ers. I think that player is still in there but it seems he can't be unlocked at will.

New England 23 @ Denver 24: Yeah, you read that correctly.

Oakland 24 @ San Diego 20: It sucks for the loyal fans of the Chargers that it's almost a done deal their team will be moving up the coast but I applaud the city for refusing to finance a stadium for a private enterprise.

Tampa Bay 16 @ Dallas 23: Cowboys.

Carolina 30 @ Washington 20: Josh Norman makes a few plays but the Panthers show out...a few weeks too late for it to truly matter.

Last Week: 12-4
Season: 128-80

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