So the season is here for family, food, and regrets but there's liquor and fruit cake for that, right? I forgot that most of the slate is being played while Santa's making his rounds. Everyone, please be kind to one another and help those who can use an extra hand.

Week 16:

NY Giants 23 @ Philadelphia 17: Is this the week where the Giants urinate on themselves in a contest they should win?

Miami 15 @ Buffalo 9: Dolphins?

NY Jets 6 @ New England 40: This should be over after the Patriots' first drive of the game.

Tennessee 24 @ Jacksonville 16: Titans.

Minnesota 14 @ Green Bay 30: Packers. Remember when this game was a big deal earlier in the season?

San Diego 23 @ Cleveland 9: Chargers?

Washington 17 @ Chicago 15: I like How Matt Barkley's playing but I think he'll be forced to carry too heavy a load - which will lead to turnovers.

Atlanta 34 @ Carolina 30: The Panthers just don't have it this year - and they need to prepare for next season already. I'm not sure where this Falcons team can go but they can light up a scoreboard as well as anyone in the league.

Indianapolis 26 @ Oakland 30: The Raiders are looking strong as the playoffs approach so I'll stand with them here.

Tampa Bay 21 @ New Orleans 31: "I'm in my own zone. What? I'm in my own zone? What? I'm in my own zone! What? We 'bout to showwwww out?"

Arizona 20 @ Seattle 33: The Cardinals shall not sting me again.

San Francisco 20 @ Los Angeles 19: For some reason I think Colin Kaepernick finds a way to win an ugly an empty stadium.

Baltimore 23 @ Pittsburgh 27: Steelers.

Denver 24 @ Kansas City 26: Chiefs?

Detroit 17 @ Dallas 23: Cowboys.

Last Week: 14-2
Season: 142-82

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