I usually begin with some sort of weekly observation but I’m short on one as I watched highlights, mostly, of the opening week games (with the exception of about three). I wonder how much the Los Angeles Rams, so weird to type that, will matter if they lose 12-14 games in a city that isn't short on entertainment options. If they're terrible, will any of their games matter? How long will the sheen of returning to Los Angeles last? A year? Two?

It's clear that coaches are set in their ways according to scheme - which is usually a byproduct of asinine hubris - so I completely understand the decision to leave Bashaud Breeland with the assignment of covering Antonio Brown on his own. There has to be a coaching award for that somewhere. My hat goes off to Breeland for competing on every play but Josh Norman should've been shadowing Brown, especially towards the end of the first half - and for the remainder of the evening. Coaches expect intelligence and instruct their players on honing the ability to make adjustments yet they don't meet those same standards.

Jeff Fisher seems to be on the verge of a contract extension.

Darrelle Revis is not washed up or a bum because of A.J. Green's day (12 rec, 180 yards and one TD). The long touchdown was a free-release where Revis expected his safety to man the position correctly and the fade route down the sideline was just a great throw by Andy Dalton that couldn't be defended by anyone.

Jeff Fisher is on the verge of a contract extension.


Week 2:

NY Jets 13 @ Buffalo 16: I don’t care too much for Rex Ryan. However I do think he’s a good coach that’s been saddled with a team carrying on with massive injuries on his favorite side of the ball. Why is he on the hot seat? Why is his job on the line as coach of the Bills?

Have they been to the playoffs recently? Have they had any sustained success since their dominant run in the 90’s? I don’t see why he’s coaching for his job; he’s 8-9 since taking over and while that’s not a record to applaud it’s not one that should have him preparing to work in broadcasting for the rest of this season. There are coaches sitting on extensions that haven’t won eight games since the 2009 season.

San Francisco 13 @ Carolina 26: The 49ers played a good game last week but the Panthers are going to be tough to beat this season. Cam Newton and his offense will get out early on the 49ers and coast to the finish line.

Baltimore 28 @ Cleveland 17: Ravens.

Tennessee 19 @ Detroit 20: Matt Stafford spread the ball around to several receivers so they looked comfortable without Calvin Johnson with over 213 yards after the catch as a collective unit. I’m not sure how much longer that continues but a major plus is they ran the ball well – 108 yards split among Ameer Abdullah and Theo Riddick – and Stafford didn’t gift the Colts a turnover of any kind.

Kansas City 23 @ Houston 21: The Texans should challenge the Colts for NFC South supremacy and I like how they won a game last week that, historically, they would have choked away. It’s too early to know exactly what Brock Osweiler will be but he’s a promising quarterback.

Miami 16 @ New England 23: Soooooo I was wrong about the Patriots last week. It wasn’t because I doubted a Tom Brady-less squad; I just believed the Cardinals were good enough to hold a green quarterback in check. The season is in its infancy but boy did the Dolphins punt away a great opportunity last week when they had the Seahawks on the ropes. They’re already looking up at the Patriots in the division – and Brady is home.

New Orleans 31 @ NY Giants 35: I don’t play fantasy football of any kind but anyone that had to draft the Saints’ defense will be hurting again. It’s going to be a long season for you all. This will to be the game for everyone that likes touchdowns through the air. There’s a chance I’m shorting the G-men about 10 points.

Cincinnati 26 @ Pittsburgh 27: I have this pegged as the game of the week – and I doubt it disappoints. Antonio Brown, A.J. Green, Andy Dalton, Ben Roethlisberger, etc, will show up. Dalton was sacked seven times last week against the Jets, was pressured on 27% of his drop backs…and he still pulled out a road victory.

Dallas 17 @ Washington 20: It’s hard to get a read on either of these teams after one week of play. The Cowboys’ offense stalled four times in the red zone last week when the difference in the final score against the Giants was one point.

My opening observation highlighted the defensive scheme last week so I fully expect Josh Norman to track Dez Bryant – but since he and Dak Prescott have yet to establish a connection it may not matter.

Tampa Bay 28 @ Arizona 30: Cardinals?

Jamies Winston is not carrying himself like a second year quarterback. Just watching film, it’s easy to be convinced that he’s in his fifth year. I thought he’d be special but this is about two seasons faster than I imagined.

Seattle 27 @ Los Angeles 16: Even with a bad ankle, I can see Russell Wilson leading his team to a big lead early…and resting once the third quarter hits the halfway point.

Indianapolis 23 @ Denver 17: It obvious that the Broncos will have to attack aggressively through the air as the Colts are almost close to holding open tryouts to fill out the depth chart of their secondary. Let it fly!

Atlanta 24 @ Oakland 20: I have to see the Raiders win a few before I listen to the buzz surrounding them.

Jacksonville 20 @ San Diego 28: The Jaguars played the Packers tight last week but still lost to a team with a superior quarterback. While not Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers isn’t that far behind him; taking into account the way the Chargers lost last week they’re itching to get back on the field.

Green Bay 26 @ Minnesota 19: Packers.

Philadelphia 23 @ Chicago 24: I don’t know. The Bears should win but Carson Wentz carried himself like a veteran in his first start as a professional last week and I’m eager to see if that continues.


Last Week: 9-7
Season: 9-7

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