The marquee contest of the weekend has to be the NFC East battle between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. Two of the biggest - and most surprising - plots of the season revolve around the two young quarterbacks leading each respective team. The anxiety that permeated in Texas over the last few years every single time Tony Romo was escorted off the field after a hit was extinguished in such an effortless manner by Dak Prescott while Carson Wentz has proved to be the guy for the job in one of the toughest markets in sports.

Brief note: I will be posting this column on Saturdays or Sundays as my altered schedule doesn't afford me the time to get it out on Thursday morning/afternoon as I have since its inception. Don't worry though, I still not good at picking winners and not a single person should look at my selections as an indicator of what to do.

Week 8:

Jacksonville 20 @ Tennessee 27: I promise that I didn't post this pick after the game was played, although I do have enough questionable integrity to do so. I said earlier this season that the hype surrounding the Jaguars was confusing to me but who am I? Why did a large majority of talking heads and other media types build a bandwagon for them? Does anyone watch football before writing a column or actually take the time to study, I don't know, actual tape before forcing fake laughter and hot takes on most of the four thousand pregame shows that exist?

Why was this year going to be a positive one in Florida?

Washington 24 @ Cincinnati 30: Bengals here, I think?

Kansas City 26 @ Indianapolis 23: Chiefs?

Oakland 24 @ Tampa Bay 20: Raiders?

Seattle 38 @ New Orleans 28: If the Saints could find a way to defend they would have an opportunity to sit at the top of their division especially when you consider the tough year the Carolina Panthers are mired in. This is a great week to draw the Seahawks as Russell Wilson's shoulder is giving him problems. It's going to be key for the Saints' defenders to sit on routes if Wilson can't push the ball down the field.

Detroit 23 @ Houston 20: Lions.

NY Jets 20 @ Cleveland 23: I love how Ryan Fitzpatrick is upset that the entire organization doesn't "believe" in him. Throwing a buffet of interceptions is nothing to be upset over. The nerve of the front office...

New England 27 @ Buffalo 9: It's almost a certainty that LeSean McCoy will be out for this game after giving taking the field in a limited capacity last week.

Arizona 27 @ Carolina 24: The Cardinals are going to come out of the lockers flat and lethargic...and they'll get beat. Did you see who I picked though?

San Diego 19 @ Denver 23: I want to take the Chargers because they're a good team for 55 minutes although that comeback last week against the Falcons was so much fun to watch.

Green Bay 28 @ Atlanta 27: I'll take the Packers but I'm not confident in the selection.

Philadelphia 23 @ Dallas 27: I don't see why the Cowboys have to be forced into a quarterback controversy the very moment that Romo is cleared to take the field. The media will write stories to get clicks and blow hot gas just to say they took a hot take on some position but the team should opt to keep as much as they can in-house.

Any football fan would be naive to think that Prescott hasn't played well enough to remain under center - he clearly has - regardless of Romo's claim to the job but moving on from their franchise quarterback, this swiftly, doesn't foster morale if any future key player loses time due to injury. The Cowboys should block out the noise and install No. 9 at the top of the depth chart. Fans will find themselves split among the quarterbacks and even if that's not the case, the consensus is clear that should Romo looking shaky and hand over a few will, well, be fans.

The Cowboys can make this work but they shouldn't feel cornered into the narrative that it's Prescott or Romo. Prescott has proven that once he's the guy, he can excel. Return him to the bench and let the remainder of this year (and possibly next) sort itself out before he takes complete control of the team.

Minnesota 27 @ Chicago 21: Vikings. This seems like it's going to be one of the last home starts for Jay Cutler as a Bear.

Last Week: 9-6
Season: 60-47

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