1 Peter 1:8 (KJV)

Whom having not seen, ye love;

in whom, though now ye see him not,

yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory:


Men and Women of God, Rejoice, Rejoice Always; For our loving Father has set you free and you are free indeed!


          When you have been set free, you begin to notice things that weren't quite so obvious before.  I use to live in fear and most of the time, when I was around people, I thought, I was the only one afraid, timid, insecure, lacking confidence and courage.  I believed I was supposed to develop and possess characteristics that can only be transferred by abiding in the Father, Son and His Holy Spirit.  Now, I am ever so amazed, when I look around me, that practically everyone I see is afraid.  Sometimes the fear lashes out, but most of the time it is subtle and quiet in order to maintain its grip. It maintains a grip on us and we can not understand why we feel insecure, distrusting, depressed, and angry; or why we choose to discriminate and hate.  Fear robs us of Truth and the fulfillment of true joy.


Others do not want to see you rejoice, for they are still in bondage.  It was while the Holy Spirit was manifesting true joy that now radiates from within me, that I noticed, fear staring and glaring at me in wonder; disgust; ridicule; and anger...even hatred.  How could I dare be happy, when everyone else was tired, irritated and miserable?  We were simply not there to enjoy one another’s company.  That would be too grueling; and no one would dare attempt such a thing, for fear of making a spectacle of one self. 


It was after a long night of work, that joy came to reward my soul, as I traveled home on the bus.  Most of the passengers on the bus did not recognize true joy, so they looked at me curiously.  A few, knew and realized that I could not contain that kind of joy, but still, caught up in their pride, they looked at me as if they had never seen true joy before; not wanting to be associated with spiritual manifestation.  Certainly, they had never behaved like that before and certainly, not on a public bus; others could not relate to it at all, so they became indifferent. 


To resolve the conflict within, each began to respond according to the darkness they held within.  The air was tense and body language, facial expressions, expletives, grunts and comments revealed that my joy was embarrassing, irritating, uninteresting, uncomfortable, funny, ridiculous, inappropriate, senseless, and insane. As my joy continued, similar responses were directed towards me to let me know that my behavior was regarded as stupidity, imbalance; vanity; an attempt to get attention; an act of seduction, or desperation from a lonely, unstable, old person.  Even after explaining my behavior and the One who had led me to experience such a state of joy, no one said anything, because they were afraid, but it was clear that I was the odd-ball on the bus. 


Some, exited the bus scoffing, while others heaved a sigh of relief to be rid of my presence and return to enjoying their gloom without unwanted distractions;  as if I had deprived them of the satisfaction of being able to look at their world unobstructed by any light that might occupy the darkness they had grown accustom to living in.  Some people are just use to living in the dark.  They don’t see well in the Light and it hurts their eyes. 


I know it sounds like I’m describing something of the macabre, like vampires.  However, they’re not so very different from people who live their lives in darkness, repulsed by the Light and who thrive on making other people just like them. 




There is light even at night, and even a thief hiding and groping in the dark, knows the benefit of its revelation.  Yet, there are those who love themselves so much, taking pride in their own abilities to the extent that they would rather stumble and grabble in the dark, than move into the Light.


Would it have been better for me to try and turn off the Light and joy God had given me, so not to make everyone so uncomfortable?  Should I have told God, “I don’t want to thank and praise you now, God, because I don’t want to be a spectacle in the eyes of others?  I don’t want them to ridicule me and I don’t want to make them uncomfortable. “   More than once, but, many times in my life, I gave in to these thoughts and emotions and turned my back on God.  That use to be me.  I could not see in the dark.  What good was I to others who also could not see?


So, did I change anything on that bus?  Yes, I did.  I didn’t let that one night stop me and steal my joy.  I continued to express and show that after a long 12 hour day, I had joy unspeakable because of my Father.  People began to smile and giggle.  Others began to enjoy their music.  The cursing amongst the regular riders subsided; more people talked about God; and camaraderie set in to make the long ride home more enjoyable.  If I had not believed in the power of His Light, they would have changed me.  It would have been a long, miserable ride and I probably would have continued with that same attitude at home.


When we find ourselves surrounded by darkness, we have to make sure we are shining our Light; in other words—keeping our eyes on Jesus.  Jesus enables us to see through the darkness.  In the darkness of every raging storm; in the darkness of every long tunnel; in the darkness of every deep pit, we should see the Light before us, guiding us to Truth with calm assurance.


Isaiah 41:10 (NKJV)

10 Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’


Once, you were blind, but now you see.  You have been freed and given sight.  You can see through darkness.  But, why has God given you this sight?  As you take your next breath of freedom, think on those who remain in bondage: those who are blinded by their hearts of stone; who worship God only with their lips, but are caught up in self, jealousy, arrogance and pride; those who believe that God does not exist because they can not see Him; who have been taught that the only organ we can see with is our eyes.  Yet, as a spiritual being, we have been given so much more.   


Like the body, the spirit must be fed to survive.  When you feed your spirit spiritual food, you have joy and peace.  The spirit must be fed only by the spring from which it has sprung, lest it be polluted by unclean waters.  My brothers and sisters, again, I am pressed to tell you that we are our brother's keeper and wherever we are—we must offer Living Water to drink.


The Potter has made us over and we are fiercely made to hate evil and love righteousness. Through His Son we are perfected as saints. We have become imitators of God.  Tongues that once destroyed are changed to build and renew.  Hands that once hurt are changed to heal and give.  Hearts once hardened are softened to love and open doors.  Eyes once filled with darkness can reflect the light that is within.  Wayward feet walk in righteousness and stand in holiness.  If this were not so, I could not tell you, for I too was once blind in darkness, now, through His mercy I see. 


My brothers and sisters, I have been spared to tell you that we are our brother's keeper and wherever we are—we must shine the Light of Jesus.  I have been given night vision to see my brother in darkness so I can go in and lead him OUT!  I can walk in the Light to shine Christ’s Light upon him and show him that he is loved; there is true joy in the Light; keep your eyes on Jesus and follow me out of this darkness.   




Satan knows most Believers have become comfortable and they are filled with self-righteousness; not God’s righteousness.  They’ve gotten so comfortable, they’ve fallen asleep.  While we’re asleep, Satan comes and robs us of our children, friends and loved ones and we go on sleeping and playing being good Believers. 


Like my friends on the bus, Believers and church institutions are afraid to speak the truth because they still want to be part of the world.    They are in bondage to pride, self-interests and fear.  They have been silenced by self-preservation, activist groups and political dogma created to silence the Word of God.


Becoming a Believer is not a ‘get-out-of-jail and bondage free card’, as if we’re playing life in a game of Monopoly.  Becoming a Believer compels you to tell Simon that it’s your turn to carry Jesus’ cross.  And when the world forgets or refuses to believe in Truth, you shine His Light for all to know that He is the Son of God.  No one can limit His power.   When you’re in the Light, you are clothed in holiness and righteousness.  You can feel and see the darkness around you.  It is revealed in the hearts of others who try to hide it from you.  Satan tiptoes around you, because he knows who you are and he knows the One who is within you. 


You go into the darkness and you speak BOLDLY in the name of Jesus, to reclaim His sheep.  As Believers we speak truth, in love, meaning, we speak the Word of God, offering hope and the salvation of Jesus Christ.  We speak righteousness.  We nurture faith and trust in God.  To judge is to condemn, without hope or reprieve.  Let there be no confusion among you, lest you be judged and condemned by God, yourself.  Speak truth and they judge themselves, for if they reject the truth, they reject God. 



John 18: 19-21


The High Priest Questions Jesus


19 Meanwhile, the high priest questioned Jesus about his disciples and his teaching.


20 “I have spoken openly to the world,” Jesus replied. “I always taught in synagogues or at the temple, where all the Jews come together. I said nothing in secret. 

21 Why question me? Ask those who heard me. Surely they know what I said.”


Does this sound like a timid man; a man who lives and walks in fear? Jesus knew that most people would not believe He was the Son of God or a prophet; just as most did not believe in the prophets He had sent before.   If they had, there would not have been reason for His coming and a new covenant.  Still, He spoke boldly.  The Body of Christ must speak boldly in righteousness, not cowering or swaying to the doctrine and politics of the world or being intimidated by the clever voice or persecution of darkness.  We stand.  We stand by the will of God, trusting His Divine Power, for we are a living testimony that man can overcome the world and live in holiness.


What is holiness, the world may ask; for what does the world know of holiness? The lack of holiness is why the world cries out for peace and an end to war, violence and crime.  The lack of holiness is why the world still cries out in hunger and famine.  The lack of holiness is why relationships are destroyed by selfishness, greed, lies and betrayal.  The lack of holiness is why the pride of man creates idols.  The lack of holiness is why most Christians serve God with their lips and man destroys himself.  Holiness is God.  We are not whole nor can we be holy without Him.




See Me! Says the Lord! I am all that is and ever will be! Taste and see the goodness of the Lord!  His is the water from a well that shall never run dry.  He is the water that will give you everlasting life and you shall thirst no more.  Glorify the Lord for He has made us in His image and given us power over darkness.  We are a little lower than the angels.  He sends them to aide us in our cause and to protect us as we walk through the darkness. 


Today is Mercy.  Tomorrow is Judgment.  Together, we must plow the road in-between to make straight the way of the Lord. When darkness falls upon us, we do not sleep; for we have eyes to see through and beyond the darkness into the marvelous Light.


1 Peter 2:9 (NKJV)


9  But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;


"Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.  I once was lost but now I’m found; was blind but now I see."   


Father, you are truly amazing.  Help your children see with Your eyes through the darkness that presses upon them.  Help them to reach Your Light and find true joy that You may use them to lead others out of the darkness.  Amen


By the grace and mercy of God


Your servant


Published by Mishael T