The sun has already dipped into the sky, all the way on the other side of the earth. Now there is only a canvas painted a deep blue and black, with white splats of paint called stars here and there, and the painting was called the sky. I was lying on the grass closely observing the canvas, while thinking about life. The moon was placed high above the sky illuminating small shadows of birds passing by. Then something happened. A man was walking to where I was lying down, and then knelt beside me. I wasn't paying him any attention. Then he took a cloth and pushed it up to my face, covering my mouth and nose. Worst part is, I breathed in and I slowly saw the canvas become invaded with more black then blue, the white splatters fading away. But from what I knew, I didn't see them again. Just eternal blackness. And the thing is...
...The man was my dad.

I woke up scared, crying, and sweating like crazy. I realized it was just a dream. I stared into my window and looked out of it. It was deep blue with a black hint to it. White dots here and there. But then I saw something that made my heart stop -
There was a man standing in the garden looking my way.


How was the suspense? This is a story I wrote ages ago. I decided I'd share it. Well, that's all then. See you. (Also 5th post today wow)


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